Figaro’s Pizza

Since 1981, Figaro’s Italian Pizza has continued its expansion across the USA and the world. Figaro’s Pizza is now looking for Master Franchise Owners in the UK to develop its truly unique and recognisable brand in three Master areas – England & Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Figaro's Pizza Pizza stands alone

  • The only place a customer can get fully baked, ready to eat pizza or ‘take-and-bake’ fresh unbaked pizza they can prepare at home when they want it, or both.
  • The only place the customer can have all their pizzas both baked and ‘take-and-bake’ delivered right to their home, business or school.
  • The only place a customer can enjoy pizza made from dough freshly made that day, with no added MSG, with only fresh vegetables, with only choice, learner meats with no fillers or extenders, and 100% REAL cheese.
  • What’s this mean to you? Amazingly intensely loyal customers and lots of them! The Figaro’s Pizza franchise structure gives you the chance to grow a territory, obtain a much larger piece of the pie and be compensated for the productivity and revenues in your territory.

    This is an opportunity to earn significant revenues, depending on how quickly you develop your territory.

    You don't need knowledge or previous experience in either the food service or franchise industry to be a Figaro's Pizza Master Franchise Owner. You just need to make a full commitment to follow our standards and formats for operating our business model. If you are a leader and an achiever, this is the business model for you. Figaro's Pizza's unique selling proposition centres on the food and its value, living up to the company slogan - 'Flavours that Sing'.

    Great products and organisation If you invest in one of our Master Franchises, you will be responsible for developing and executing a market penetration strategy in your designated territory. The potential number of locations in your market will depend on many factors, including its size, population and timing.

    It is not often that you find this type of combination in a franchise opportunity - a great product and a great organisation.

    We invite you to learn more about our very unique and targeted business opportunity. You will love what you do and have the opportunity to significantly increase your stature, image and future.