Figaro’s expands globally

Next stop: The Middle East

Figaro’s Italian Pizza now in its 32nd year, continues to expand internationally and next up is Dubai, where plans continue to be made and excite interest from UK franchisors and prove to prospective franchise owners that Figaro’s is an up and coming brand that is travelling across the world. Figaro’s now has seven well-established locations in the Middle Eastern market in Zayed, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

The company is proud of its growth and fast success in its new market and in the company’s Zayed restaurant, located inside Sports City, the popular ice skating rink, it holds an 8 feet high and 63 feet across sign, making it one the largest signs on any pizza restaurant in the world (pictured right). The store has found its principal customers are skaters, often entering the popular pizza restaurant wearing their ice skates.

Further to this extravagant branding sees Figaro’s vehicles also used throughout Dubai for deliveries and powerful brand awareness that has proved to be most successful.

Figaro’s restaurants are also located in eight U.S. States from coast to coast, and by the time this article goes to press, Figaro’s will have successfully opened nine in the UAE by the beginning of 2013.

Flavours that sing

“Flavours that sing” –- the motto of the Figaro’s pizza. Evidently it is the taste of the Figaro’s pizza that has made its success today.

Founded in 1981, it is now best recognised as ‘the best pizza you can have at home’. Figaro’s offers its customers the option of having their pizza baked in the restaurant or on oven ready trays for baking at home.

The reason why Figaro’s continues to be of the one best tasting pizza brands in the world is because of its distinctive flavours, terrific and traditional recipes. In comparison to the rest of the pizza market, Figaro’s make their pizza’s always with freshly made dough in store, using a blend of ingredients that lead to a crust that bakes light and crisp, both in store and in the customer’s home.

To develop the product even further, Figaro’s now offers a gluten-free crust to its customers for those suffering from wheat allergies.

Figaro’s uses baking techniques and fresh ingredients that make its pizzas deliciously one of a kind and continually make its customers come back for more. The taste of a Figaro’s pizza has personality with exquisite original and fresh flavours that come through.


Figaro’s Pizza is one of the only pizza companies that offer customers the option of a carry-out or delivered pizza hot and ready-to-eat or ready to pop in the oven when they want it. This service is now coming to the UAE and because of this it has made Figaro’s the most unique pizzeria in Dubai. With the success in a new market such as the Middle East, the possibilities for a brand like this in the UK are endless.

The Figaro’s Pizza franchise structure gives you the chance to grow a territory and obtain a much larger piece of the pie.

You must be able to recruit, train and support other Figaro’s Pizza individual unit franchise owners in your territory. In return for the services and commitment, we share in the revenues from your territory. You don’t need knowledge or previous experience in either the food service or franchise industry to be a Figaro’s Pizza Master Franchise Owner. You just need to make a full commitment to follow our standards and formats for operating our business model. If you are a leader and an achiever, this is the business model for you.