Dane's best option becomes a wise move

For Bristol-based franchise owner Dane Sampson, joining the FiltaFry Plus network has been a big step in the right direction - and less than a year after launching his business he's already thinking about expanding.

Then I wanted the challenge of running my own business, I decided franchising was my best option," he explains.

"It allowed me to own a business with an established reputation and a support network if I needed it." For Dane, FiltaFry Plus stood out because of its unique business, good earning potential and opportunity to expand. There are currently over 60 FiltaFry Plus franchise owners around the country, offering a mobile-based service for the microfiltration of cooking oils, vacuum cleaning of deep fat fryers and the supply of kitchen hygiene products. Dane's business covers Bristol and the surrounding area and since launching in September 2009 he's well on the way to achieving his initial goal of having a complete customer base.

"I've had no problems in getting customers and I've found the training I did prior to my launch fully prepared me for the running of my business," Dane continues. "The beauty of FiltaFry is the amount of repeat business it involves, so I'm now concentrating on building strong relationships with my customer base - and when the time's right, I'll then look at expanding the business."

Having made such a great start in business ownership, it's not surprising Dane's already looking to the long-term with confidence.

"The skills I've learned in running my franchise will stay with me for life," he concludes.
"I feel that anything is possible and the opportunities are endless."