It’s an easy decision with FiltaFry Plus

FiltaFry Plus understands how important it is that you choose a business that you can see yourself doing on a daily basis. It’s important that you feel passionate about the service you’re offering or the product that you are going to promote. If you are passionate and confident about your business then your clients will be too. If your product or service has a unique selling point or cost saving for the client, it makes promoting the service a much easier task. FiltaFry Plus does just that.

So what is FiltaFry Plus?
FiltaFry Plus is a mobile, onsite service for the microfiltration of cooking oils and vacuum cleaning of deep fat fryers and the supply of kitchen hygiene products and services.

What sets them apart from the rest?

  • FiltaFry Plus is a weekly repeat business servicing the same customers week in and week out, meaning that you only need a customer base of circa 35-40 customers to see a good return on investment. This also means that you are not constantly looking for new clients and you know when and where you will be each and every day of the week.
  • It has a relatively low fixed cost base meaning once your initial costs are covered, the rest is pure profit.
  • Unlike many other opportunities FiltaFry Plus will on most occasions save the end user money at each and every visit. This makes the acquisition of customer’s a lot easier knowing that the customer is going to save at least the service fee each week in cooking oil savings.
  • It has little or no competition in the market place and FiltaFry’s unique equipment cannot be purchased anywhere, as it is exclusively only available to franchise owners.
  • Apart from your vehicle, which can be purchased on HP or leased through a nominated supplier, everything is included. We even include a stationery pack and uniforms, so you will be ready to fully operate from day one.
  • FiltaFry Plus has been operating and evolving for the last 16 years and is now described as a mature, developed long standing franchise.

Is it for me?
Franchise owners do not need specific prior experience as full training is provided. However you need to have a strong desire to succeed, give excellent customer service, self motivated and have the determination to develop your franchise as your own successful business.

What training will I receive?

  • Four day residential course covering: administration, business management, health and safety, frying practice and product and service features.
  • Five days ‘in-field’ training with an experienced franchise owner carrying out the service to the highest level.
  • Five days with a member of the Business Development team assisting you in establishing a solid base of regular customers and to produce an eight-week plan that will form your platform as the on going mentoring and support programme that you receive.