FiltaFry Plus’ UK Expansion Continues

Fryer and kitchen appliance cleaning brand, FiltaFry Plus has announced it has recruited a new franchise owner north of the Scottish border in Stirlingshire. New franchise owner, Frank Thorpe, went live following extensive training on May 1st this year.

Thorpe comes from a catering background and so is aware of the problems that chefs and restaurant owners face with regard to fryer maintenance. He used his prior knowledge of the sector to choose a business where he could see clear financial and quality-of-life rewards.

He says: “I only wish I had the FiltaFry Plus service back in the days when I had to clean the fryers myself without the technology we have here.”

Frank is keen to develop his business as quickly as possible and is reporting that all is going fine and he is well on target for achieving his first quarterly financial projection figures.