FiltaFry Plus expands into Europe

Following the great success of its UK franchise operation, FiltaFry Plus has been introducing its business opportunity into Greece and Bulgaria.

April saw FiltaFry Plus launch its Greece Master Franchise, which is owned by Michaelis Tsaousis (pictured) and operated by a Greek team based in Thessaloniki.

Franchise Manager Damian Slater, from FiltaFry Plus’ UK team, went over to Greece to ensure that Michaelis’ launch went smoothly and provide the franchise owner support for which the company is renowned.

The FiltaFry Plus franchise network provides a mobile on-site service for the microfiltration of cooking oils, vacuum cleaning of deep fat fryers and the supply of kitchen hygiene products and services.

“With the price of oil rising rapidly, demand for FiltaFry Plus’ services has been increasing as businesses look at ways to reduce their costs,” explains Damian. “We are able to provide one of these solutions as our franchise owners recycle cooking oil and make savings of up to 50 per cent.”

According to Damian, the reports coming back from Greece are very positive with a number of clients already signed up for the service, lots of demonstrations and meetings booked plus major discussions with a large Greek fast food restaurant chain taking place.

“Michaelis has been amazed by the potential and demand for FiltaFry Plus and is already in discussions with a number of potential investors for his planned network of 35 franchise owners throughout Greece,” adds Damian, who will return in a few weeks’ time to assist Michaelis further.

In addition to the Master Franchise in Greece, FiltaFry Plus also launched its Bulgaria Master Franchise, which is owned and operated by Stefan Kolev from Sofia. To date, Stefan has already secured more than 190 clients, while a major Bulgarian fast food chain has taken the service at all of its sites across the country. To cope with FiltaFry Plus’ blossoming database of clients in Bulgaria, Stefan has already trained a team of technicians to take on the added work.

More machines have already been shipped from the UK ready for the next rollout of business in Bulgaria, which will see franchise owners being launched in the Black Sea area prior to the summer season.

FiltaFry Plus is also in discussions for the Master Franchise for Holland, and is actively looking for Master Franchise Owners across Europe, particularly for France, Spain and Germany.

“These are very exciting times for The Filta Group, as we have also started expanding our Fita-Seal business opportunity into Europe with the recruitment of its first franchise owner in Portugal,” adds Damian.

Repoted by Fraser McKay