FiltaFry Plus continues to build on its green credentials

The Filta Group, home to the FiltaFry Plus franchise opportunity, is reinforcing its ‘eco-friendly’ credentials by rebranding itself as Filta Environmental

For more than 15 years FiltaFry Plus’ global network of franchise owners have been saving their clients money by extending the life of cooking oil in commercial kitchens by using microfiltration.

As a result, FiltaFry Plus reports that growing numbers of customers wishing to find new ways to help reduce their daily carbon footprints, have become increasingly aware of the brand’s green credentials and responsibilities.

To embrace this trend and emphasise its ‘green’ reputation, FiltaFry Plus’ parent company, The Filta Group, is rebranding itself as Filta Environmental.

Damian Slater, Franchise Manager at Filta Environmental, explains how the FiltaFry Plus service was a major factor in the name change.

“As many people and organisations will be aware, it is not easy to find new ways of reducing your carbon footprint,” he says. “Once you have changed the light bulbs to energy efficient ones and installed some solar panels on the roof, what’s next?”

The FiltaFry service is delivered by the brand’s international network of franchise owners who typically visit the same customers on a weekly basis.

“One of the great benefits of FiltaFry Plus is that our franchise owners do not need a huge client base – 30 to 40 customers can provide a generous income,” explains Damian.

By using equipment only available to FiltaFry franchise owners, customers can typically double the life of oil used in commercial deep fat fryers. FiltaFry Plus franchise owners can also offer a number of other services including meeting their customers’ fresh oil requirements and collect waste cooking oil once it comes to the end of its natural life.

Once removed, the waste cooking oil is guaranteed to be used in the manufacturing of Bio Diesel or to be used in renewable energy alternatives, further highlighting the need for the Filta Group to be rebranded Filta Environmental.

Written by Fraser McKay