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Summary of operation

FiltaFry Plus is a mobile, onsite service for the microfiltration of cooking oils and vacuum cleaning of deep fat fryers and the supply of kitchen hygiene products and services.

By using the service, customers can reduce frying costs, keep fryers hygienically clean and improve food quality.

Ideal franchise owner

Franchise owner technicians do not need specific prior experience as full training is provided. However, a strong desire to succeed and provide excellent customer service is essential. You must also be self-motivated, positively-minded and have the necessary determination to develop your own successful business.

Training provided

The training is broken down into three integral parts covering all aspects of the business and is at the core of our continued success:

    Four-day residential course covering administration, business management, health and safety, good frying practice, product and service features and benefits and how to develop the business operations.
  • Up to five days ‘in-field’ training with an experienced franchise owner carrying out the service to ensure you are competent and confident in providing the highest level of service to your customers from Day One.
  • Five days with a member of the Business Development team in your territory assisting you in establishing a solid base of regular customers and working with you to produce an initial eight-week development plan that will form the platform for the ongoing mentoring and support programme.

When not working with you, the Business Development team will always be available to help and advise on the ongoing development of your business.

The support is further enhanced by the company’s ongoing commitment in securing approval from major multiple groups and national accounts.

Number of franchised outlets: 60
Franchises planned: 90
Operating overseas in: Australia, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, India, Kuwait, Lebanon, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, USA.

Dane Sampson, Franchise owner, Bristol, UK

“I have been part of the FiltaFry Plus franchise since September 2009. I initially bought the franchise because it was a very unique business and the support package was great. I knew that by taking on a franchise there was hard work ahead and the FiltaFry head office gave me all the support I needed when I needed it.

“Nearly three years later, I have built a substantial size business for a sole trader to operate within and I am very happy indeed with everything. What continues to surprise me is that although HQ might shut down at 5pm on weekdays, a member of the FiltaFry Plus team always answers the phone outside hours. They go out of their way to make sure each and every franchise owner reaches their full potential.

“As more and more emphasis is being placed on the ‘green’ businesses I see a bright future for my business. It is already thriving but knowing that the market space has no competition makes it even more special.

“I have escaped the boring office job that I used to do and now have freedom to do exactly what I want with my time.”

Projected turnover
Year 1: £52,000
Year 2: £68,000
Year 3: £94,000

Projected profit
Year 1: £36,000
Year 2: £51,000
Year 3: £76,000