The Flat Roof Company: A Franchise that puts you on top!

Thousands of homeowners throughout the UK are all too aware that flat or gently sloping roofs Leak. The damage to decorations and furnishings is easy to see, but the hidden effects of water on structural timbers, insulation and electrics are always more serious.

The Flat Roof Company's origins date back to the mid 1980s, its mission, to put a permanent end to the misery a leaking flat roof brings. The company's three founders were convinced that the simple formula of a respected installation company, coupled with an innovative flat roofing system, could be very successful because ifs depressing but true that even if a flat roof appears sound at the moment, it will leak in future.

The company's network now enjoys a turnover of several million pounds per year, thanks to uncompromisingly high levels of service combined with their tried, tested, trademarked and nationally approved product TUFFDEK, which is guaranteed far 25 years!

After several years as a successful installation company The Flat Roof Company awarded its first franchise in 1992 and now has a nationwide network of 22 franchisees. The company believes the secret of its success can be summed up as providing a total commitment to its franchisees, from initial training, through unbeatable levels of on- going support, to assistance with future development.

Kevin Moody, the company's Business Development Director, sums up the attractions of a Flat Roof Company Franchise by saying:

"Thanks to the UK's uncertain weather there is a proven demand fopr the TUFFDEK roofing system, because literally millions of properties incorporate flat roofs. These include garages, extensions and porches of private houses, plus a huge variety of commercial buildings. Just about every flat roof not fortunate enough to be covered by the TUFFDEKB system will leak in a few years ...guaranteed!

As the UK'S leading specialist flat roofing company our franchisees can stop this distressing state of affairs in its tracks!

Property owners now rightly demand long- term solutions to traditional maintenance problems and flat roofing is no exception. With a conservative estimate of 10 million homes in the UK having one or more bitumen felt flat roofs, all of which will leak sooner rather than later the market is huge, especially for a company offering the high levels of customer satisfaction provided by our franchisees."

Bearing this in mind it is no surprise that there are thousands of companies offering "flat roof repairs", but very few can provide their customers with total peace of mind, whilst not one can provide a unique 25 year written guarantee - unless they are a Flat Roof Company franchisee!

The total fee to become a franchisee of The Flat Roof Company is £25,000 + VAT (the VAT is reclaimable). Margins are very attractive, with gross profit margins of around 50-55% consistently being achieved and net profit margins often exceeding 20-25% of turnover.

Initial turnover levels in excess of 100K are reguarly achieved with a single installation team. Subsequent sales levels show significant growth as the business expands, typically £140-£180K per annum. In addition, some of the company's franchisees operate multiple installation teams and generate substantially higher levels of turnover and profit.

The Flat Roof Company's franchise package is structured to smooth out any start up problems and provides on-going support as the business grows.

So if you are considering a franchise, like the idea of working outdoors and would enjoy the real sense of achievement brought about by providing a successful solution to your customers roofing problems you must find out more about The Flat Roof Company - then begin to climb your ladder to success...