Time to call in the Doctor

With more and more high-end electronic gadgets entering the market, the need for high-end repair shops has grown. Fone Doctor has become a fast-growing franchise, catering to these needs.

Fone Doctor was established in Lincoln in more than a decade ago and since then, the business has expanded across Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire, currently employing some 36 staff.

Fone Doctor provides a repair and maintenance service for mobile phones, tablets, computers, games consoles, sat-navs and smart watches. The company began life fixing small household electrical items, but quickly realised there was a growing demand for repairs to mobile phones and computers. Electronic devices are now their core business and they have taken advantage of the massive growth in recent ownership of smart phones and tablets.

In addition to Fone Doctor’s core repair services, they also specialise in selling a wide range of accessories for all the different devices they service.

Colin Hocknell, Managing Director of Fone Doctor, explains: “Our staff, who are technically trained, offer advice and guidance on the most appropriate accessories for all the latest models and brands.

“We offer customers a quick, easy and hassle-free environment where they can conveniently drop off their items, receive a quick diagnosis and excellent customer care. Some repairs we can do while they wait, others may take a little longer if we need to order specialist parts.” As a business development system, franchising has consistently proved itself over the years to be one of the most stable and profitable form of business expansion.

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This is confirmed by the fact that governments, banks, the business community and public at-large generally recognise franchising as a business vehicle with a dependable track record. Having perfected their retail model to the point where it can be used successfully copied by others, Fone Doctor is looking for suitable individuals with the drive to develop their own businesses using their systems. With franchising firmly underway, the brand has a range of shops in quite different locations including standalone locations in supermarkets as in high streets.

Fone Doctor is seeking well-capitalised individuals who understand the dynamics of bringing a business to market and are able to use their customer service, team building sales and marketing skills to take the Fone Doctor message to the market.

With such varied locations, Fone Doctor has been careful to ensure that their shops are all banded accessible to all as Colin notes: “We are proud of our shops that have been designed to reflect our brand and offer customers a friendly and accessible environment. We have made our shops pleasant and hassle-free locations, where customers can take their time and receive a high-quality and personal service.”

Colin Hocknell tells us about a typical day as a Fone Doctor franchisor. I get up at 5:00 am and go for a run. When I return I do the ironing and read my emails. I focus on the franchise operations, making sure all systems are working at peak performance.

I go through all the sales figures and ensure all the books balance. We research new areas for viability both on the stock side and area wise. I am in contact with our purchase manager to deal with new products and potential offers/deals. I check the website and repair cloud to ensure all is functioning correctly. I will contact our social media managers to make sure all sites are progressing properly and up to date. I log in with the general managers of distribution, company shops and repair workshop to check all is good and there are no issues. About 7:30 pm I go home and cook tea and unwind.

Customers nowadays are inundated with brands offering the same products and services, and being able to distinguish those who are a cut above the rest can sometimes be difficult. A brand reputation is paramount and Fone Doctor are dedicated to ensuring that they meet the needs of the consumer at every turn.

“There are numerous ways we can build and then maintain our reputation as a market force in mobile phone repair. There are many ‘repair’ businesses in most areas, but few with the repair capabilities and supply chain support of Fone Doctor. We offer all levels of repairs and the capabilities to handle repairs on numerous personal electronic devices,” cites Colin.

Furthermore, in addition to repair services, Fone Doctor is focused on enhancing and sustaining the mobile lifestyle by offering a comprehensive array of mobile phone services. The most important thing to the customer is not to be without their device, this is where Fone Doctor excel.

“To have a product that has excellent guarantees and warranties is worth its weight in gold to any customers, who know that if there is any problem, it will be dealt with immediately and that all products and services carry our guarantee,” explains Colin.

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With the brand building a strong and profitable network, Fone Doctor is looking to bring in an additional four to six franchise owners in the coming year. Colin believes that new franchise owners joining the brand will soon be fully-established in the brands operations: “New franchise owners joining us will have access to all web enquiries alongside business generated locally using established methods and supporting marketing materials. We have a tried and tested retail system and our services and products are much in-demand. There will continue to be a ready supply of potential customers and we believe many will find our brand via our website.”

New franchise owners joining Fone Doctor will have the opportunity to develop maintenance contracts with all types of commercial entities (i.e. academic institutions, law firms, municipal authorities, building contractors and hospitals) offering a premier service for a competitive price, which can serve as an alternative to purchasing insurance to cover the handset issued to their respective workforce and/or students and faculties.

For Colin, being the Managing Director of a successful franchise is something he is very proud of, but alongside that is the immense satisfaction he gets from seeing all Fone Doctor shops very busy with happy customers: “I love to see all the positive social media comments which proves we do an excellent job. I enjoy seeing the brand get bigger and bigger and spreading the name across the country.”