Step into success

Having relocated to the UK with his family, John Hankin was eager to find a business that would provide him with healthy profits and the lifestyle change he was looking for – Foot Solutions proved to be the perfect fit

Formerly a Director of a global beverage company, John Hankin spent the majority of his working life jet-setting around the world managing a multi-million pound business. For many this may sound like a glamorous and exciting prospect but for John the continuous travelling and separation from his family soon took its toll. So when the opportunity to relocate to the UK presented itself, John saw this as the perfect time to change his career and obtain his ideal working lifestyle.

“My two children had finished university and both wanted to work in the UK so, wanting to stay close to them, my wife Penny and I decided to relocate to Scotland,” explains John. “I knew I wanted to start my own business as no jobs in the UK matched my previous salary, so I looked into both independent and franchised opportunities.

Foot Solutions uses the most advanced technology combined with a full understanding of biomechanics of feet and gait, along with the highest quality bespoke footwear to fit each customer’s unique feet.

After meeting with the Foot Solutions UK franchise team, where they learned more about the structure, values and benefits of the franchise, John and Penny quickly decided that it was the business for them.

“It is perfectly positioned between retail and medical, occupying a unique position,” says John. “Foot Solutions differentiates itself through customer service and is therefore less dependent on price. This means that a Foot Solutions franchise is more likely to weather the economic climate that is negatively affecting many other businesses.”

Having expressed their interest in the Foot Solutions franchise, the couple were soon informed about a franchise resale in Glasgow.

“We had actually been researching locations in Edinburgh but when this opportunity arised we just had to go for it,” enthuses John.

Before launching their store, John and Penny received 16 days of initial training at the company head quarters in Atlanta, Georgia before gaining further hands-on experience in existing Foot Solution outlets in the UK and Ireland.

“The team over in Georgia were very friendly and I found the training to be very helpful,” recalls John. “We learned about every aspect of the business from the biomechanics of the foot, shoe fitting and foot problems to sales, marketing and customer service.”

Since launching their Glasgow store just over a year ago, John and Penny have achieved great sales results and are thoroughly enjoying their new working lifestyles and the benefits of being their own boss.

“In our first year of trading we generated in excess of £450,000 turnover – that’s an increase of 38 per cent on last year,” beams John. “Due to the excellent service and attractive range of bespoke footwear we provide our customers come back time and time again.

“In my previous job I travelled 60 per cent of my time,” he continues. “This has been a welcome lifestyle change and my wife and I can work in the business together.”

With a hugely successful first year behind them, John and Penny are keen fulfil their stores full potential and will be opening their second Foot Solutions outlet in Edinburgh in the coming year.