Franchise Development Services

Founded in 1981, Franchise Development Services (FDS) appeared when genuine UK business format Franchising was in its early days. FDS recognised the need in the industry for a magazine to push forward Franchising.

The Franchise Magazine

In 1985 The Franchise Magazine was launched and has since established itself as the most effective publication for recruiting quality Franchisees as well as offering advice and guidance to the Franchise industry or anyone considering it. This industry-changing publication has been used for over 20 years to recruit Franchisees. Many have used The Franchise Magazine to achieve their recruitment objectives almost exclusively, some predominantly, some since launch. Some started using it later, but then discovered how their network rapidly grew as a result and wondered why they hadn't taken the The Franchise Magazine route earlier.

Franchisors use The Franchise Magazine variously to find pilot Franchisees, locate funding, recruit Franchise management, launch Franchise networks, develop networks, target specific areas for recruitment, complete networks, offer valuable re-sales and plan expo attendance. Unlike most leads from less refined response generators like newspapers and websites, which tend to attract much 'passing trade', the leads from The Franchise Magazine are considered purchasers. They may be fewer in number than from national newspapers, but they will be of higher quality and more cost-effectively convertible. The Franchise Magazine is bought by people who are serious and focused about buying a Franchise.

This is truly a guide no Franchisor or potential Franchisee should be without. There is such a broad range of business sectors served by The Franchise Magazine. Everything from services, food and beverage and retail. It also reveals the varied occupational backgrounds of readers. In fact, anything from accountants, teachers and company directors to sales executives, engineers and police officers. Whatever your ideal Franchisee profile, such people will be reading the magazine. Generally, people who visit Franchises at exhibitions will invariably have first been switched on to them by reading The Franchise Magazine, which also advertises forthcoming exhibitions - many advertisers, realising this, even use The Franchise Magazine to preview their expo stand numbers.

The Franchise Magazine also works as an educational medium, liaising with the British Franchise Association, academics, researchers, Franchise historians, seminar leaders and conference organisers to create a more Franchise-wise readership. Franchisors also use The Franchise Magazine to explain their industry sectors to readers. The wide range of advisory features offer guidance to all types of readers - those wanting to buy a Franchise, those running Franchise networks, those generally involved in Franchising and those thinking of Franchising their business.

There's also the 'Talking to Franchisees' features, which allow readers access to the experiences of existing Franchisees - probably the best way to help them make up their minds about their options. All of which can be achieved by a broad range of promotional options - major gatefold, multi-page promotions like ChipsAway, cover stories like Prontaprint, five page promotions like Bartercard, four page sections like Jani-King, Snack-in-the-Box, Safeclean / Furniture-Pro, Worldsites International and Papa John's, three pagers like Cash Generator, Puccino's and Ecocleen, Double page spreads like Northwood, Kall Kwik, Chemex and Guardian, one pagers like Global Travel, Dyno-Rod and the banks, half-pagers like PDC, O'Briens and Certax or low-cost National Franchise Showcase entries like Pierre Lang and The Mongolian Barbeque.

The United Kingdom Franchise Directory

Following on from the rapid success of The Franchise Magazine, The United Kingdom Franchise Directory was launched in 1985. Holding the National Franchise Register, FDS compile a complete list of all known Franchisors in the UK which then appear in the pages of The United Kingdom Franchise Directory.

This award winning publication is now in its 21st edition and offers in-depth information such as contact details, company descriptions, financial projections, cost of franchise, expansion planned, training and support provided. It distinguishes between Franchisors looking to recruit Franchisees and those who are not. Listing over 800 UK Franchisors and including The Irish Franchise Directory, a section dedicated to franchisors in Ireland plus over 2,000 hours of research to provide accurate information, The United Kingdom Franchise Directory also provides advice and guidance for both potential and existing franchisees and franchisors. This award winner is now a 'full colour' publication, is more than a 'directory of information', and a means of advertising and lead generation.

Franchise International

The need for international expansion was met in 1991, when Franchise International launched to cater for the overseas market. Another success story for FDS. Franchise International features Franchise brands looking to expand not just into their own country, but also overseas and into the UK Franchise market.

Just some of the clients who have chosen Franchise International over the past 12 years are: Glamour Secrets, Sbarro, Subway, Jumicar, Restaurant La Boucherie, BO Concept, SFC Express, The Body Shop, SuperSeal, Cheeseburger In Paradise and Topz.

The Irish Franchise Magazine

Eight years after The Franchise Magazine was launched, FDS broke into the Irish market with The Irish Franchise Magazine. A population with ample disposable income and people seeking master, area and single-unit Franchises, Ireland was ready to embrace Franchising, which is now making a 'significant contribution to the Irish Economy' (Franchising in Ireland Survey). Just like The Franchise Magazine and Franchise International, The Irish Franchise Magazine focuses on Franchisee recruitment and Franchise development in Ireland, but also supports the efforts of the annual Irish Franchise Exhibition and the Irish Franchise Association to promote ethical Franchising throughout Ireland.

The Irish Franchise Magazine, a first for Ireland, has helped brands such as Stainbusters, Oscar Pet Foods, Snack-in-the-Box, SuperSeal, Cleaning Doctor, FastTracKids and Crestcom to promote their brands in Ireland and further expand their Franchise networks.

European Franchising

Hot on the heels of The Irish Franchise Magazine, less than a year later European Franchising was produced to focus franchising in the European Franchise market and has features brands such as Aussie Pet Mobile, Peter Murray, SFC Express, Eddie Rockets, The Wheelie Bin Cleaning Company, Chemex and Quantumatic Ltd.