Become a franchise ambassodor for your country

WHAT can we offer to an FDS Master Franchise Owner?

This is a genuine business opportunity to use the Franchise Development Services (FDS) brand name, systems and reputation to establish an office in your region or country. You will become part of an international network of FDS offices providing professional advice and guidance to assist companies expanding their franchise nationwide and worldwide, as well as working with new brands coming into your country.

WHAT are we looking for in you?

Enthusiasm and passion for franchising.
Desire to work with clients to develop their full business potential.
Confidence in talking to people and provide a high level of management consultancy.

WHO are we?

Established in 1981, FDS has been recognised as a world leader in providing a total range of services to the national and international franchise market. We have offices covering the UK, Spain, UAE, Lebanon, Iraq, Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand and produce various international franchise publications as well as online, digital and app versions. Our method of Business Format Franchising has proved to be practical and profitable for hundreds of clients worldwide. We have also helped thousands of people internationally to successfully own and operate a franchise.