FDS Midlands - Franchising Your Business?

Franchisor (fran-"chI-'zor) An entity or individual owning the rights of the business... The franchisor grants the right for franchisees to trade under the company name and use the company image and intellectual property rights

If you want to become a franchisor but are unsure what is involved then contact FDS, who will prepare a personalised 50 page Initial Franchising Report for you addressing all the key issues.

Prefer to talk? In that case, why not arrange a franchising 'Brain Storm' with a senior consultant? These half-day sessions represent exceptional value for money and will help you decide if franchising is right for your business.

If franchising is the correct way forward, FDS will be pleased to work with you for as long as it takes to implement a professionally structured Franchise Development Programme. We will assist you with financial projections, help you write the Prospectus, brief the lawyer about your Legal Agreement, create a Disclosure Document and help you to shape the Franchise Operations Manual.

Established franchisors who wish to improve the performance of their existing networks will benefit from the FDS 'Health Check'. This service takes a hard look at the current franchise operation and provides a concise report on what more needs to be done. Both new and established franchisors will welcome help from FDS with their franchisee recruitment, either via the pages of The Franchise Magazine or by using FranLink - the 'matchmaker' service which introduces prospective franchisees to the franchise that suits them best.

Staffordshire based FDS Midlands is owned and operated by Managing Director Ken Young, an experienced franchising professional with a strong background in the express parcels industry. FDS Midlands is part of the worldwide franchise consultancy and publishing organisation Franchise Development Services, which has provided advice and guidance to the franchise industry since 1981.