An intro to FDS - your partner in achieving successful franchise development

Franchise Development Services (FDS) is a company dedicated to franchising. Specialising in providing quality business solutions to help business owners grow their companies through franchise development, matchmaking investors to the opportunity, branding, marketing and ongoing professional advice and guidance in all 21 sectors that make up a Business Format Franchise.

FDS is one of the preferred partners in achieving results for franchise brands and has dynamic programmes and market development strategies covering strategic and tactical marketing, global positioning, branding, legal advice through the country's top franchise law firms and business brokering at national or international levels.

Strong national network

With a network of offi ces throughout the UK, FDS is in an unrivalled position to provide their services through an experienced franchise advisor on all topics.

International presence

In addition, FDS has grown to service clients throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and is positioned to assist clients in reaching international goals and objectives.

“We have been using FDS, and in particular, their various media and are very pleased with their consistent performance in helping us grow to be recognised as a world leader. Today, we have a target to reach 50,000 SUBWAY locations worldwide by 2017.”
Don Fertman, CEO, SUBWAY

Achieving your brand's full franchise development potential

Building brands with franchise development potential is the ability to take a brand beyond its current value, reputation and status, thereby increasing the brand owner’s market share, relevance and growth potential.

Franchise brand value is built upon consistent and eff ective communication of the brand message, as well as the ability to deliver on the brand promise.

FDS believes that a strong brand is built upon pillars of consistent brand image, promise, positioning and constant building of the brand footprint. Ensuring that all the components of the brand are cohesive goes a long way to maximising a brand’s potential for the benefit of the franchisor and each and every franchisee.

Franchising your business

The idea of expansion by franchising can be applied to almost any successful concept across industries from food and beverage, retail, education and services. This is achieved by determining and replicating the best possible franchise model, while protecting and leveraging the core intellectual property rights of the brand.

Franchising allows business owners to grow while leveraging on external resources from investors and thus reducing the overall risks. Provided that your company operates in a market sector where there is genuine growth potential, with suffi cient profit margins to be shared between yourselves and the franchisees, and you have proven that your type of business can be taught to others, then you have the basis for a successful Franchise Development Programme.

Laying solid foundations upon which you can build your business does, however, require a reasonable amount of funding to ensure that success can be built upon the 21 areas of a Business Format Franchise and developed to their full potential. Otherwise your franchise dreams may fall down and shatter.

"The successful expansion of CeX over the last seven years can be attributed primarily to The Franchise Magazine. The Franchise magazine works for us.”
Frank Orchard, Senior Franchising Manager, CeX

Planning for your franchise development success

The first step to expanding your business through franchising is to create a well thought out and customised Franchise Development Business Plan. There are normally two, or even three, diff erent ways to franchise any business and your franchise business model must reflect your organisations goals and objectives, while presenting relevant strategies and revenue streams. All 21 areas of a Business Format Franchise need to be addressed when establishing your Franchise Development Business Plan and will include resource allocation, risk analysis, adaptability and timely growth projections. How well your Franchise Business Plan addresses these issues will directly aff ect your capability and potential growth for franchising. FDS recognises the importance of understanding business owners' expansion objectives, identifying key issues and recommending the most practical and profi table path to follow.

“We have worked with FDS for more than 20 years in relation to global marketing. We have no hesitation in recommending them to other well-structured international brands who understand their responsibility of supporting Masters.”
Jerry L. Crawford, President, Jani-King Franchising Inc.

Replicating your success

The FDS Franchise Development Business Plan clearly documents and aligns business operations, taking into account every facet that will contribute towards the success of the Franchise Development Business Plan.

The key to successful franchising is the complete replication of the process and off erings that are key to the businesses existing success. However, many franchisors do not place enough emphasis on this part of the franchise process. A comprehensive Franchise Operations Manual, using the FDS propriety detail and methodology in creating documents, processes and work flows and covering such topics as management and operational aspects of the business, will minimise deviation from the standard operating procedures. As a key factor for franchising success, the Franchise Operations Manual will be a constant reference point for franchisees to determine whether the current work flows are in line with the franchise requirements.

For further information as to how your business could benefit from a well thought out, clearly documented and well-written franchise development plan, contact us today.