Franchise Development Services: Global branding for the 21st Century

Why choose Franchise Development Services? The awarding of Master Franchise Rights plays a major part in developing global growth for franchising. Franchise Development Services (FDS) has played an important role in promoting, marketing and encouraging Franchisors to go global. Simultaneously identifying the most suitable indigenous Master Franchise partners to develop new markets with significant growth potential.

With acknowledged expertise in Master Franchising developed over assisting numerous important brands to go international since 1981, FDS is the organisation of choice in helping you to achieve your international network. We have offices and Associates established in the UK, Ireland, and various European and Middle Eastern markets dedicated to guiding and supporting international franchisors, and a range of national and international publications and websites able to educate and motivate high net-worth investors seeking international franchise brand opportunities.

The essence of a successful Franchise is underpinned by the Franchisor's ability to teach the business to the Master Franchisee who can then understand and implement the Franchise blueprint correctly. Once that has been achieved, the Franchisor and his partner must concentrate on marketing the product or service within that specific territory, initially by recruiting and training new Franchisees. FDS provides consultancy and marketing services designed to achieve successful completion of every stage of the process of granting a successful Master Franchise, from research, through recruitment, to supporting the Master in recruiting their sub-franchisee network.

FDS International Programmes

Incorporating the Pre-Entry Study, the 7 step International Development Programme, the print and online marketing programme and International FranMatch, this is the full service taking your company from stage one all the was through the process of establishing successful international operations through Master Franchising.

For companies operating on a budget, this option involved the provision of the International Development Programme without the HQ visit - benefiting from general advice and guidance on implementing an international franchising campaign.

The option for companies with fully realised Master Franchise packages already available, this option focuses on utilising FDS's marketing resources and allocates and Executive to manage leadflow, qualify potential candidates and arrange introductions with high net-worth candidates.

Comprehensive Services

Franchise Development Services' main areas of corporate activity are:

  • Pre-Entry studies
  • Infrastructure adaptation - manuals, agreements, systems and methods
  • Master Franchisee recruitment programmes
  • Master Franchise assessment, development and enhancement
  • International strategy review
  • Re-allocation of Master Franchise Rights