Discover how to become a Successful Franchise Owner with our 'E' Learning Programme

The best time to take full advantage of this new online course is during the vital period between considering owning a Franchise and signing.

The confidence and the knowledge provided will be both useful and practical. We will be pleased to provide access to Module 1 for your examination without cost or obligation.

Module 1 : Introduction to Franchising, is Franchising for you?

  • What is Franchising?
  • The franchise relationship, some Franchise myths
  • Franchising, how it started, the size of todays UK market
  • What's needed to be a good Franchise Owner
  • Key supporting players in the industry

Module 2 : The cost of buying a Franchise and the availability of finance

  • Start-up costs
  • Raising the capital
  • Bank's lending criteria
  • Business plan
  • Essential accounting knowledge

Module 3 : The Franchise Agreement and other Franchise documents

  • An overview of the Agreement
  • The Agreement and how it affects the Franchise Owner at the start
  • Managing your Franchise with help from the Franchisor
  • Managing your Franchise, the Franchise Owner's responsibilities
  • Fees and other matters noted in the Agreement

Module 4 : Getting started, finding the right Franchise

  • What we know so far? Self-help questions
  • Suggested answers to self-help questions
  • Qualities of a good Franchisor
  • Staffing matters
  • Selecting a site

Module 5 : Franchise selection a development

  • Selecting your Franchise
  • Attracting and keeping customers
  • Training a other support
  • Developing your relationship with your Franchisor and other Franchise Owners
  • The new beginning