The Complete Investment Opportunity

Having provided a comprehensive range of services to both established and prospective franchisors and franchise owners since 1981, Franchise Development Services (FDS) continues to operate at the forefront of UK franchise activity. Managing Director for FDS, Professor Roy Seaman explains the details of this premium investment opportunity.

What is your main role?

You will be seen, recognised and acknowledged as an important part of your client’s team. You will be referred to as their FDS Franchise Consultant, a person who will have, at any time, answers to all of the questions that they put to you. Fortunately, you can talk to head office to provide these answers in your early days. Eventually, you should have the ability to answer all questions yourself. You will need to become the person who will have the skills and knowledge to take any successful business from where it is today to a business with a national network of franchise owners and, if necessary, help it to expand into selected international markets. Most importantly, you should enjoy the work that you do. FDS was founded on a detailed study of the franchise market. Since then, we have designed a business model that has been carefully thought through to provide members of the FDS team with opportunities of travel and meeting some of the world’s most important founders and developers of franchise systems. As long as you have the ambition to help other people to succeed and have the necessary skills to impart, then we may well be able to dovetail our knowledge with your skills and work together in the future.

How can you earn a good and comfortable £50,000+ income?

The key to success is to establish 12-month on-going contracts with clients so that we can deliver to their realistic expectations.

  • There are however a number of factors that must always be in place.
  • Clients should have a successful and profitable business already in place and have a genuine desire to expand through a nationwide or international franchise operation.
  • Clients need to have sufficient funding in order to facilitate a franchise development programme.
  • The owners of the business must be totally committed to implementing a proven franchising model.

Our role is to provide best advice and guidance and not to make decisions on behalf of our clients. They therefore need to be extremely comfortable with us as people as well as the recommendations that we are making. We will make recommendations as to what is the best way for them to franchise their model whether it is Single Unit, Area Development or Master Franchising. All of this takes considerable time and we should not encourage clients to rush into franchising nor to try to achieve objectives, such as recruiting a substantial number of new franchise owners in the early years. Solid foundations must be laid and this takes time, money, knowledge and effort. While we hope that every client that we take on will be a success, there will be those that do not achieve their growth expectations and we must learn from those clients that fall by the wayside.

However, we do have a track record of success above 85 per cent year after year. Our ideal client contract will be one whereby they engage FDS to deliver services that have a value of around £25,000 a year.

Some of our existing clients have been with FDS since the very beginning of their franchise development, some for 15 to 20 years. Our business is designed so that clients really find us of considerable value and hence they wish to remain with FDS, since they are serious about successful franchise expansion of their business.

Competition is mostly from independent consultants, accountants and lawyers who endeavour to help their clients, but do not have the years of experience, sincerity or ability to deliver. FDS is always looking for a long-term relationship and commitment where we work with the client in order to deliver to what we consider to be realistic expectations.

Who is ideal for FDS Franchise Consultancy?

The essential criteria for becoming a successful FDS franchise consultant is to have the ability to listen and absorb the information being shared and then to make recommendations that fit within the framework of the FDS philosophy. You need to have good professional sales skills and then be capable of managing the franchise development project with head office and other FDS team members.

The realities of business with FDS:

Some people say that no selling is involved in Franchise Consultancy. The reality is that prospective as well as established clients always need to believe in you and you will continually be selling yourself and the products and services of FDS.

  • You will need to have a mixed portfolio of clients in order to have an enjoyable business life.
  • Ideally, you will sell to many clients a 12-month contract and this will require considerable thought, hard work and meetings on a regular basis.
  • The FDS brand and reputation is well known throughout the franchise industry, this should be of significant benefit to you. FDS is a team of people who can be trusted and you will never be on your own. All members of the FDS team are there for you with continual support.
  • Most importantly, the return on your investment should be achieved over a two to three year period. The FDS franchise package covers initial and on-going training, support, the right to trade under the corporate identity of Franchise Development Services, access to everything that we believe you will need in order to replicate our success to your clients wherever they may be. The on-going revenues are shared with a fair and reasonable system.

Discover FDS for yourself with our YouTube testimonials via the FDS website: or call Professor Roy Seaman on 01603 620 301 today to find out more.