Why choose Franchise Development Solutions International for 2016?

As Ireland moves into a new state of economic welbeing, it is perhaps timely that Barry Connellan, an experienced Irish businessman, takes on the role of Managing Director of FDSI, with the intention of bringing further prosperity to the country. Here he talks about his past, present, and plans for the future.

Having graduated from College in 1999, I first pursued a career in the Stock-broking industry. During this time I completed my Reg Rep of the Irish Stock Exchange exams and got to grips with understanding the fundamental, quantitative and technical analysis methods to select stocks to buy, sell or hold.

After taking time out to travel, I returned to Ireland and moved into the business development of ecological investments area before deciding to set up my own ecommerce business in the online auto industry. We had at the peak of the business over 42,000 cars advertised on our domestic website and had brought some pioneering functionality to the website. It was decided that this company needed to be wound-down and I decided that it would be best for me to enter the IT sector and dip my toe in the water. I knew that I could sell or ‘yap’ as some would say, and once I understood the fundamentals of what the solution could deliver to a client in terms of an ROI, TCO etc. I could then engage professionally, persuasively and hopefully close some deals. After spending three years studying my trade in Boston MA, I returned to Ireland to study the market.

I then moved into the telecoms area and later was offered a role in an organisation in a similar sector, although dealing in the domestic market only, offering voice, data, security and managed services to Governments and Enterprise Domestic and International Clients. In addition to voice and contact centre technologies, I consulted on data centre and desktop virtualisation strategies, on-premise and cloud storage, call recording, voice and data analytics, voice biometrics, mobile device management, next generation wifi and end-to-end security solutions. After two-and-a-half great years working with some extremely talented and hard working people, I decided that it was time for me to leave my role to try and improve my work/life balance of which I was not in control of and take a step in the direction of setting up my own business again and better managing my lifestyle, real business passions and overall desires in life.

So why franchising and FDSI?

Given my background has been certainly broad; Finance, Recruitment, E-Commerce, Telecoms, Data, Security, I was never truly settled. I guess I always wanted to have control, be my own boss and continue to learn new things about different businesses and divisions within business. That is until I came across the consultancy side of franchising and thoroughly evaluating the franchise business model as a whole.

Simply and fundamentally, I am a believer in anything that reduces the risk in setting up or indeed growing any business. Franchising allows businesses to do this with ease.

Franchise Development Solutions International in 2016 and beyond

Any franchisor/brand considering international expansion will most likely have Ireland on the radar as a target territory. We are English speaking, have easy access to the UK market and strong international brands are well received.

The Irish Franchise Association believes there are about 250 franchisors employing 42,000 people and generating annual sales of €2.4 billion in Ireland today. Growth too is up by six per cent. Franchising and Ireland have, as far as I am concerned, a bright future but it is important that the selection process of a franchisor or brand is carefully considered in terms of the support and training offered. This is something that I, and the FDSI team will ensure any of our clients will have.