Unlock your business potential

FDS Seminars offer the perfect opportunity to unlock your business’ expansion potential using the franchise model. Meet, hear and learn from some of the country’s leading franchise professionals. A bfa-affiliated FDS Franchise Consultant will deliver the seminar, based on more than 30 years of franchising experience. Among the topics covered will be: The three ways to franchise any business; Outline of a Franchise Development Business Plan; Estimated time scales and budget requirements; The importance of the Evaluation Analysis; What laws relate to franchising; and The 21 key areas of a Business Format Franchise.

Franchise Development Services (FDS) is a one-stop organisation offering everything a company needs to successfully franchise their business – from the Evaluation Analysis and outline Franchise Development Business Plan, to the infrustructure requirements and allocation of franchise owners.

Each seminar has a limited number of places.

*To qualify you must be the owner of a business that is considering expansion by franchising or a franchisor wanting to revisit your franchise strategy for more effective expansion. Registration fee includes the current edition of The UK Franchise Directory and two copies of The Franchise Magazine.

“This is a must attend seminar for those interested in franchising.”
Pip Martin
The Vine Adventure

“Most informative and very professional.”
Shaun Howe

“Learn franchising from the experts and save on stress!”
Paul Rudd
Webserve Development