Consult with the experts when Franchising your business

More than 40 per cent of companies that try to franchise their businesses without professional advice and guidance fail within three years. When considering franchising your business, ensure you consult with the experts, urges FDS Managing Director Roy Seaman

Since 1981 Franchise Development Services (FDS) has been providing help, advice and guidance to the owners of successful businesses contemplating franchise development. We have now assisted more than 500 companies to achieve their goals and many today are brand leaders throughout the UK.

As a newly launched franchise, your prospective franchisees will judge you by your team of professional advisors. The first method of estimating the intelligence of the franchisor is to look at the team around the boss, and by commissioning FDS you are associating your company with a consultancy that has developed over 20 years of franchising experience.

FDS provides a full range of one stop franchising services to enable owners of successful businesses to become successful franchisors. Following a visit to your office we produce an Evaluation Analysis, which will become your outline franchise development business plan and cover all 21 key areas that you need to consider before you go to market with your franchise offering. Normally there are at least three different ways which any business can be franchised, and you need to look at these options. Once we have helped you crystallise your thinking we will liaise with BFA and FDS recommended franchise lawyers in the production of legal agreements.

FDS can then assist with laying the solid foundation upon which you are going to build your franchise. This includes securing intellectual property rights, preparing operating training manuals and devising the prospectus.
Recruiting franchisees then becomes critical to achieving your goal. We can manage or assist in the total franchisee recruitment process through our database of existing investors, printed and online publications and exhibition attendance to generate quality prospects. Every week we receive over 100 enquiries from prospective franchisees looking for a genuine business format franchise. Your franchise opportunity could be exactly what these people are looking for.

Having assisted more than 500 companies to successfully franchise their businesses and more than 10,000 people to select a genuine business format franchise, FDS is in an excellent position to assist. Whether you have an idea that you want to eventually bring to market and develop through franchising, are the owner of a solid business that is now at a crossroads in relation to the best way to expand, or the Chairman of a major Plc contemplating a better way to increase turnover and profitability, franchising could represent the most effective method for expanding your business.

There is no substitute for professional advice and guidance. More than 40 per cent of companies that try to franchise their businesses without professional advice and guidance fail within three years. FDS was founded to assist companies contemplating a franchise to succeed first time, and today many of our clients have become famous brands throughout the UK.