Attention Franchisors! Protect Your Trademarks and Domain Names

The release of the EU domain name on 7th December highlighted the urgent need to control and protect your domain names and logos worldwide...before someone else does!

Since this date, any company which can provide evidence of the use of your trademark in its company literature has been able to put its own operations up under your trademarked banner. If you have not given this matter your attention until now, consider this your wake-up call - the future web strategy of your company across the EU is in jeopardy.

The Franchise Development Services Intellectual Property Rights Division can ensure that your temporary exclusive rights are exercised before they are lost by putting an application in for your trademarks for all internet suffixes - including the new EU domain name - within a matter of minutes.

FDS IPR can also:

  • Help secure new trademarks and servicemarks for your company and its products and service marks across the EU within 48 HOURS. You will then have the exclusive rights to reserve them as EU domain names under Sunrise Phase 1.
  • Research and protect your domain names in 244 countries, and in 111 alphabets, to ensure your present and future international operations and Master Franchisees are unhampered by cyber squatters and legitimate competitors.
  • Pursue domain name disputes on your behalf to win your name back under all suffixes, including .com, .biz, & .net and relevant country domain names that have value in your Franchise development.
  • Provide activity reports on potential domain names that interest your company.
  • Manage and automatically renew ALL your domain name registrations.

From chaos comes order - FDS IPR is your one-stop-shop to securing your company's future in the world's biggest market: the internet.