Specialist franchise owner recruitment is an investment not a cost

Richard Langrick, who looks after FRANMATCH the specialist recruitment division of Franchise Development Services, explains why

Recruitment can be a time consuming and thankless task, involving as it does many fruitless calls and dead ends, often in the evening or at the weekend, but is an essential part of any company’s growth and development, and can lead to costly mistakes if not handled properly by professionals.

Franchise owner recruitment is even more important than staff recruitment, as mistakes are costly to rectify, and disgruntled franchise owners can soon destroy a franchisor’s good name.

To get the best results, franchisors should advertise in the publications that genuinely aspiring franchise owners read, and then follow up each and every lead – no matter how time consuming, no matter what time of day or night the applicant is available, as, like panning for gold, the gold dust is often well hidden.

FranMatch, the franchise owner recruitment division of FDS will take care of every step of the recruitment process, from writing the advertisement, through to arranging the meetings, ensuring that only properly qualified financially secure applicants are presented to the franchisor. This saves a busy franchisor many hours of calling, sifting through applications, and time consuming administration keeping track of all applicants

On the FranMatch system, applicants from the advertisement in The Franchise Magazine, or online are invited to fill in a simple form, which generates an initial contact email and brief details of the franchise. The applicant will be contacted by a FranMatch Executive, who will conduct a preliminary phone interview to establish the suitability of the applicant. They will then arrange for more detailed information to be sent and for an application form to be completed.

From this information and, if the applicant is considered right for the franchise, I will discuss the applicant with the franchisor, and arrange a meeting.

Similarly, if a potential franchise owner needs advice and guidance on selecting the most suitable franchise, then the FranMatch Executive can help with general advice, or more specific advice on particular franchises.

FranMatch is run by experienced recruiters like myself, who have worked in and understand the franchise market for many years and are ever mindful of the laws concerning discrimination and data protection. This specialist service ensures that every lead is professionally handled, and leaves the franchisor to get on with what he does best – running his business.

FranMatch Explained

Optimise your franchise owner recruitment process

Traditionally franchisors have had two choices for their franchise recruitment strategy: build an in-house recruitment team, which can be costly, or share the responsibility of recruitment at Director level, which can detract from your other business duties. FDS offers franchisors a third option that saves time and money.

FranMatch generates and manages leads for you using leading publications, websites and methodology. As well as putting together your advertising campaign we design and implement a structured lead management service.

The FranMatch service appeals to the established and new franchisor allowing them to utilise their time management in other areas of their franchise development. Provided that your company has realistic franchise owner recruitment goals, a budget in place and the desire to work with us as part of your team, then we should have the ability to succeed together.