Because business isn't about taking a blind leap

FranMatch The professional lead management service from FDS

Finding a franchise has just become a lot easier thanks to the FranMatch service, which is designed to help prospective franchisees find their ideal franchise.

Over 1,000 companies now offer a franchise in the UK. Without professional advice and guidance, you may well finish up investing in what sounds to be a genuine ground-floor opportunity with lots of promises of support and assistance...then only to discover some three to five years later that there was no substance to the promises.

There is a real need for experienced professionals to offer their services to help the prospective franchise owner. Readers of The Franchise Magazine can now benefit from the 27 years of experience of the publisher Franchise Development Services (FDS) in the franchise market to help you to discover which franchise brands you should be considering - those that are really committed to helping you succeed and those to avoid.

The FranMatch service is vital for any individual or organisation that recognises the value of professional advice and guidance in shortlisting the opportunities that are worthy of serious consideration, time, effort and eventually making that important investment decision.

So whether you are investing £5,000 or £255,000 you want to make sure that the franchise that you are selecting has every possible chance of success. While in business there can never be a 100% guarantee of success, FDS carefully selects the franchise brands that it believes are totally committed to fully supporting professional and ethical franchising and ensuring that the initial and ongoing training services that are so critical with each and every new franchise start-up are delivered.

FranMatch helps you choose the franchise that meets your proven skills, genuine desire to own and operate that particular business and financial ability.

Talk today with our FranMatch team to seek the best advice and guidance available.