'The bespoke franchisee recruitment solution'

Traditionally Franchisors have had two choices for their recruitment strategy:

1.Build an in-house recruitment team which can be costly, inefficient and needs to be managed on a daily basis.

2.Share the responsibility of recruitment at director level and accept that the time spent on Franchisee selection can detract from your other business duties and thus have an impact on business development.

FDS now offers Franchisors a third choice - FranMatch, a service that saves you time and money!

The FranMatch service appeals to the established and new Franchisor allowing them to utilise their time and management in other areas of their franchise development. Provided that your company has realistic Franchisee recruitment goals, a budget in place and the desire to work with us as part of your team then we should have the ability to succeed together.

With over 25 years' experience of the Franchise market FDS knows what Franchisors face when identifying and recruiting the right calibre of Franchisees.
Article published on: 05th Jun 2008

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