Optimise your franchisee recruitment process

Traditionally franchisors have had two choices for their recruitment strategy: build an in-house recruitment team which can be costly or share the responsibility of recruitment at director level, which can detract from your other business duties. FDS now offers franchisors a third option that saves time and money!

FranMatch generates and manages leads for you using leading publications, websites and methodology. As well as putting together your advertising campaign we design and implement a structured lead management service which includes:

  • A promotional campaign in magazines and websites to generate leads and enquiries.
  • Initiation of a drip feed email campaign.
  • Analysis of each enquiry to ensure they meet your profile.
  • Education of the candidate on the business and the franchisee role.
  • Initial discussions to learn more about candidates, followed by in-depth telephone interviews.
  • Thorough review of candidate to assess suitability for your franchise.
  • Facilitation of your meetings with suitable candidates and follow up calls to garner post meeting feedback.

We create bespoke packages tailored to suit budget, level of lead management services required and recruitment goals. Our remuneration comes mainly from success - our focus is results-driven rather than routine activity!