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Chris Davies, who has 20 years experience in the franchise industry and looks after FranMatch, explains why specialist franchise owner recruitment is an investment, not a cost.

The recruitment of franchise owners can be a time consuming and often unrewarding task, involving making many fruitless calls that lead to dead ends and often working late into the evening or at weekends.

However, any active franchisor will confirm that if experienced staff does not handle this essential part of the company’s growth professionally it could lead to costly mistakes. If the wrong candidate is selected they could tarnish the franchisor’s good name and spread discontent through their franchise network.

Achieving recruitment targets is a committed discipline, but because of time constraints placed on the franchisor, it is often left up to unqualified staff within the company to filter the enquiries and produce a list of ‘possibles’ for follow up, thereby doubling the workload.

The professional solution is FranMatch, the specialist franchise owner recruitment division of Franchise Development Services (FDS), which offers to take care of every step of the recruitment process.

The key to successful placement is the generation of good quality leads arriving on a regular basis. FranMatch generates applicants from advertisements placed in FDS publications and websites including The Franchise Magazine and The UK Franchise Directory, as well as from candidates who have requested to be added to FDS’s comprehensive database of potential franchise owners.

The applicants are taken through a structured assessment process, which is professionally managed. This involves telephone and, if required, face-to-face interviews at any of the FDS national offices both during and after normal office hours.

Should potential franchise owners need advice and guidance on selecting the most suitable franchise, a FranMatch Executive can provide general advice or give more specific guidance about particular franchises. FranMatch executives are also qualified to advise on the raising of funds if necessary.

When a franchisor decides to outsource their recruitment, they must be sure that this crucial task is placed in the correct hands. The FDS FranMatch team has many years of experience in understanding the needs of both franchisor and potential franchise owner alike, which is paramount to the success of any recruitment programme.

The effectiveness of FranMatch is illustrated by the fact that a number of franchisors have used the service for a number of years, while they are free to get on with what they do best – running their business.

For more information about FranMatch contact Chris Davies on
Call: 01603 620301 or 07812 334562