A unique marketing and branding opportunity

for Franchisors who want to help Franchisees...who want to do more business. Reach a mass audience: cost-effectively and without hassle.

Free Features is a unique service offering a totally different advertising opportunity. We can help get your national franchise brands to a huge UK audience, by presenting your messages within a relevant editorial environment.

Free Features provides the UK's press - print and online - with articles free of charge, in exchange for space next to that editorial. This allows us to sell on that space to a sponsor - who owns a particular subject area, relevant to their business. Each feature from this subject area will carry an advert promoting your franchise brand to the readers. There are over 3,000 journalists registered to use Free Features services - so the editorial is used far and wide. A huge opportunity for gaining your brand coverage across the UK.

Free Features offers two services - one for the consumer press and the other for B2B. That means whatever your business, we can reach a unique audience throughout the UK.

In the example pictured, Orange have sponsored Film Reviews to support their Orange Wednesday (two cinema tickets for the price of one) campaign. Other major brands such as Norwich Union associate with Homes and Motoring; Virginwines.com with Drinks; Disney with Travel, and so on. No other media offers this opportunity and therefore sponsorship is exclusive and unique - as well as being cost-effective and very easy to manage.

we cover: House and Home, Retail, Kids Pages, Crosswords, Entertainment, Fashion, Beauty, Health, Diet and Fitness, Shopping, Women's Pages, Lifestyle, Work & Education ,Leisure Time , Motoring, General, Personal & Social, Sport, Technology, Environment, Travel, Property & more.

Free Features