Online local directory launches franchise scheme

Gemdate, an online local directory company, is aiming to expand across the UK through franchising. The company, which launched its pilot site at the beginning of 2007 in Burton-On-Trent, plans to set-up websites for areas across the country run by local people who have good knowledge of their region. To do this Gemdate has opted to establish a franchise scheme, which will give individuals the chance to start their own local website and earn up to £3,000 per month whilst working from home.

'With dwindling newspaper sales and people spending more time on the internet and wanting information instantly, at their fingertips, there has never been a better time for starting a local website business such as Gemdate,' says Nigel Harland, Director of Gemdate. 'The model designed around Burton-On-Trent can easily be applied to any area in the UK and is highly adaptable.'

Harland adds: 'With high earning potential, Gemdate gives entrepreneurs the chance to run a primary or extra business that takes care of itself, as little work is required once the local site is established and Magi-Build really does work wonders.

'For those seeking quality of life, a Gemdate business lets you decide when you want to work, as it is easy to run from home. It also has a low start up cost and very little associated risk. It can create a source of pride as well as income.'