A recent survey of job market activity conducted by the Bank of Scotland has revealed that the labour market in Scotland has been getting worse over the past three months. The Scottish job market has been hit by a fall in demand for permanent staff while the numbers of those unemployed continue to rise.

Although the report also states that the demand for part-time work is rising, these findings are nonetheless a further blow to many people who are out of work or who fear redundancy is imminent, especially for those with a mortgage to pay and a family to support and for who part-time work is not an option.

One way of combating the increasingly difficult job market is to leave it altogether and become self-employed. Although starting up any business has an amount of risk, statistics have shown that starting up via a franchise is one of the least risky routes to owning your own business. So much so that well-known high street banks are often more willing to lend to those wanting to launch a franchised business than those looking to do it on their own.

Franchising is often seen as a safer route to self-employment because franchise owners launch a business with a proven concept behind them, as well as having access to training and support and often already brand recognition among their potential customers.

There are a variety of franchise opportunities available across Scotland, from hands-on businesses to white-collar management opportunities. To ensure that they invest in the right opportunity for them, it is essential that potential franchise owners thoroughly research the franchise industry in general, the franchisors that they are interested in partnering with, and the industry sector they are looking to enter.

Franchising and being a business owner is not a suitable career path for everyone, but for those who have the skills, experience, determination and who are looking to escape the tough job market, it could prove to be the perfect route.

Reported by Derin Clark