Aim high in 2012

As an individual and a member of a team, top athlete Beth Tweddle understands only too well that it takes drive, dedication, hard work and intensive training to succeed in her chosen path. It has enabled her to become Britain’s most successful gymnast of all time, winning three World, six European and seven National championships, as well as recently leading Britain’s women to their best-ever result in team gymnastics.

That’s why Granite Transformations has chosen Beth as its cover girl for this issue and to help promote the brand during 2012. Her determination to succeed and willingness to apply herself to honing her skills and overall performance, should serve as an inspiration for would-be franchise owners thinking about joining its thriving UK franchise network. It looks for similar qualities in its franchise owners, including an ability to work as part of a team, and provides all the necessary specialist support and training to help them build successful and profitable businesses.

2012 could be your year to aim high and launch a flourishing new career with Granite Transformations. Like Beth, it’s just a question of channelling your talents and ambition into an area where you could truly excel.