Australia has the most dynamic franchise market in the world!

Our team

Paul Wheeler (pictured right, top) was a founder of the Cartridge World group and pivotal in the rise of the brand from a single store in 1997 to over 1,550 franchises worldwide. Paul is regarded as a Franchise Veteran by business commentators and with his background in banking, small business & franchise consulting can bring successful practical business experience and new energy to the franchise industry.

Mike Fuller (pictured right, bottom) with a background in Sales & Finance, joined Cartridge World in 2002 to launch and develop the brand in the US market. Meteoric US sales created high demand for the brand in other countries and in 2003 Mike set up an International Master Franchisee training program that saw him appoint and train 30 Master franchisees, his knowledge of International Franchise markets & cultures is highly regarded.

Why choose Australia for your next expansion

“FDS Australia offers you a wealth of advice from a group of franchise experts with a successful history in international Master Franchising. You will benefit from the expertise that drove Cartridge World to meteoric sales worldwide. We look forward to working with you to ensure your expansion into the Australasian marketplace is a successful one.”
Paul Wheeler

Australia offers a wealth of opportunity for franchises to succeed...

  • A stable and efficient regulatory environment
  • Franchises forecast growth to 13 per cent with profits up 18 per cent
  • A highly skilled and multilingual workforce and a culture of innovation
  • Our unparalleled economic record
  • World-class industry capabilities and infrastructure
  • Unique cultural and geographic advantages in the World’s Fastest Growing Region

Australian Franchise Statistics

The franchise sector has delivered stellar double digit growth, significantly outperforming the economy for the second consecutive year.

Franchise owners also did well with revenue growth of seven per cent and profit growth of 6 per cent - double the growth of the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Franchisors are expecting revenue to grow by 13 per cent in the 2011 financial year with profit up 18 per cent. Over a three year period franchisors expect profit to grow in total by over 50 per cent.

This growth is expected to come from within the existing systems as well as from expansion into new products and services and new markets both domestically and overseas.

Export your brand

The awarding of Master Franchise rights plays a major part in developing global growth for Franchising. FDS Australia is experienced in promoting, marketing and developing franchise systems for the global market, identifying a strategic path for the business and attracting and recruiting suitable Master Franchise Owners.