Invest in a Scaleable Business in a UK'Region

One of the most successful franchises in Australia has arrived in the UK. Hire A Hubby is seeking 8 further ambitious entrepreneurs to spearhead its successful professional handyman concept in large UK regions.

Hire A Hubby is seeking experienced management-calibre candidates who want to create a scaleable business with significant growth potential. As a Regional Master Franchisee, you will concentrate on recruiting and managing a sub-franchised network of 'Hubbies', who will provide a range of handyman services in their own territories within your region.

Hire A Hubby will provide full access to training plus the rights to replicate its market-leading structured technology, which provides professional job allocation and management and enables the Regional Master Franchisee to monitor the success of sub-franchisees through quote to invoice conversions and job leakage rates.

Australia's No. 1

Hire A Hubby was established 12 years ago in Australia as the first company to collect together a wide range of handyman services.

Its combination of leading technological systems, professionally branded and attired 'hubbies' and 100% guaranteed workmanship has propelled the brand to the top of its sector.

With over 300 'hubby' franchisees operating across Australia, Hire A Hubby is nearly three times the size of any other handyman business in the country.

2 Regions taken, 8 remain...

A former franchisee in the Australian network, Michael Bishop has moved to the UK to establish the first Regional Master in the South West. Michael is currently going through his Regional Master training and is preparing to launch his pilot operation, before commencing recruitment of sub-franchisees.

'Hire A Hubby's service is ideal for householders who don't have the practical skills to carry out maintenance and/or renovation themselves,' says Michael. ' In addition, approximately 30 per cent of the business can be built through B2B work - child care agencies, real estate agents, schools, retail units and offices are all big sources of business for our 'hubbies' and we can also win additional work through recommendation agreements with hardware/DIY stores and picture framers.'

Could you Mastermind a Hire A Hubby Region?

Hire A Hubby are seeking candidates who:

  • Possess Excellent Sales Skills
  • Are Comfortable with Technology Driven Systems
  • Want to Build a Substantial Regional Business