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Many investors are looking to buy into a business that provides a tangible service to customers and in return delivers healthy financial profits. Jamie Brown investigates why home improvement franchise opportunities are proving increasingly popular with investors.

The home services category includes businesses that cater to homeowners, and businesses that offer services having that take place within the home. Not only does this category include cleaning services, building and re-modelling companies, property inspectors, and repair and renovation suppliers, but it also includes lawn care services, interior designers and decorators, concrete maintenance suppliers, and flooring and insulation specialists. The possibilities are endless. Everything you can think of that the typical homeowner doesn’t have the time or the ability to do, there is a franchise that does.

The DIY craze that took the early 21st Century by storm had home improvement franchises temporarily worried – until, somewhat inevitably, the general public realised that kitchen installations and redecorating are actually quite hard. Since then, home maintenance franchises, including Granite Transformations, Dream Doors, BoConcept and many more have thrived.

Home maintenance franchise owners that enjoy the highest level of success are people with a genuine affinity for style and customer service. Because it is a customer’s home that franchises, such as Apollo Blinds and All Trades Network rejuvenate, every instruction is personal and highly significant. Every franchise is unique and as a result, background demands differ massively as well.

Countless people assume that owning a home services franchise requires the franchise owner to undertake the work required. You may be thinking to yourself that you don’t want to become a business owner, just so you can clean someone else’s house, or fit their new kitchen? The fact is most home services franchise owners manage their businesses and a team of employees. They often take care of networking and handling customer calls and customer service, but you won’t often find a franchise owner cleaning their clients’ bathrooms.

All Trades Network, property repair professionals, are a prime example of a management opportunity in the home maintenance sector. The franchise owner is responsible for managing the business and the trades’ people, ensuring customer satisfaction and excellent service standards are met. Therefore a business and management background is naturally preferred.

Mr. Electric, one of the UK’s leading electrical installation and repair franchises, has recently modified its offer under the Leadership of Phillip Milburn to make franchise opportunities available to a wider range of investors.

“We are looking for someone who has got the business experience, has got the money and wants to set up a business or franchise. This person will then recruit certified electricians or air conditioning technicians; the owner will not necessarily be on the tools themselves.”

Philip continues to tell us how this will significantly increase the number of operating franchise owners: “In widening the field, which we are doing by making our opportunities available to people who do not already own a business, we are making our business available to a lot more people.”<br/> <br/> <br/>

The home maintenance sector seems to be leading the way in innovation and forward thinking, constantly evolving to allow the franchise owners to maximise their earnings potential. Take Granite Transformations, the kitchen transformation specialists. They eliminated one of the main problems facing the home improvement industry. Allowing customers to visualise the end product with their iGranite app. Danny Hanlon, Chief Operating Officer at Granite Transformation commented: “I am highly confident that our exclusive iGranite app will enable our franchise owners to increase their level of in-home appointments and improve their sales closing ratios. It’s that effective as a marketing tool.” Another franchise that has seen the benefits of innovation in their franchise is Dream Doors. Dream Doors’ app allows customers to view an array of door styles and colours as well as handles and worktops, all from an iPad. Dream Doors’ Managing Director, Troy Tappenden says: “We’ve invested hundreds of thousands into bespoke software over the last couple of years. All of which is designed to help franchisees sell more, and of course, make more money. The App builds on all of that investment, and will bring millions of pounds into the company.”

The app has been so effective, that within hours of it being available to franchise owners it helped aid a sale, as Lanarkshire franchise owner Colin Lynch explains: “This app is fabulous. I used it with a customer on Tuesday and got a £4500 sale.”

In this day and age, there are more single parents, more families with two working parents, longer working days and less time for odd jobs. So what does this all mean? It means we no longer have time to cook, clean, take care of our lawns or even fix the hole in the roof. However for you, a potential investor, it means the home services industry is needed more than ever before. The industry is flourishing. As more franchise concepts emerge and succeed, you have a large collection of concepts to choose from.

What interests you: Home cleaning, flooring, gardening or interior design? Do you want work in a management role or in a hands-on role? Do you want to work primarily from a home-office, or mostly from your vehicle? You have many choices with a franchise in the home services industry.