Obtain your ideal work/life balance with a vehicle-based franchise

With the UK’s female unemployment rate reaching an all time high, there has never been a better time for women to take control of their careers and futures. Tiffany Brooking spoke with some women who have done just that by investing in a vehicle-based franchise.

Vehicle-based franchises can be sole-operator franchises, your ‘man in a van’ type of business for those who prefer a hands-on role, but many also offer a management level opportunity, where the franchise owner is not directly involved in service delivery but focuses on developing their business.

Not only do vehicle-based franchises offer franchise owners the flexibility of working from a van or from home, they also allow franchise owners to determine the growth of their business – from a one van operation to a business with multiple vans on the road.

One woman who is more than aware of the benefits that vehicle-based franchises offer is Terry Mullen, Operations Director of SMART repair franchise Revive!

“Revive! welcomes applications from women. We are looking for good communication skills, a talent for building up a rapport with customers and the ability to manage a team,” says Terry.

“As part of my role supporting franchise owners, I sometimes visit car dealerships with them and my experience has been very positive. If anything, I found that being a woman was an advantage as the staff were more inclined to talk to me.”

With such flexibility of time and business management, a vehicle-based franchise could be the ideal opportunity for a mother looking to fit work around her commitments or an ambitious woman set to launch her business empire.

Luton-based Revive! franchise owner Kim Richardson explains what her investment has been offering her.

“I liked the idea of doing an outdoors job that is both mentally and physically stimulating, without being too strenuous. I think women have a great deal to offer the SMART repair industry. For example, I have a great eye for detail and I strive for perfection every time. If I’m honest I can also multi-task a bit better and possibly earn that little bit more!”

Initially, Michelle Clark and her partner Anatol Poyer-Slemman bought their ChipsAway franchise for Michelle to run. However, it soon became apparent that this was a great opportunity for them to work together and build a business for their future.

In just over five years, the couple have built their ChipsAway franchise into a thriving business. They now operate across five territories – last year they opened an extensive CarCare Centre (fixed-base workshop) and still operate a fleet of mobile workshops/vehicles. Michelle loves being a ‘white van woman’ and is out on the road, leaving Anatol to run the workshop.

“The car repair industry is primarily dominated by men, some women may find this intimidating but I find it gives me a real advantage, as customers are always pleasantly surprised by the high quality repair service I provide,” says Michelle.

“There is no way I could go back to being employed after being my own boss. I work long days but the harder I work, the quicker I see the results and being my own boss, I take real pride in my work and genuinely enjoy what I do. I would definitely recommend a ChipsAway franchise to other women, it provides flexibility, variety and future security.”

With quality franchise opportunities available from £10,000 and 90 per cent of franchise loans being successful, what’s stopping you from obtaining your ideal work/life balance?

If you’re an ambitious wife, mother or business woman looking for a new challenge and a business that will fit around your lifestyle, read through the franchise opportunities on this website to find the perfect business for you.