Hydro-Dynamix provides a change from nine to five

Wanting a change from his desk job Darren Metcalf found that the Hydro-Dynamix franchise provided the opportunity he was looking for.

People decide to become franchisees for many different reasons and for Darren Metcalf it was simply the fact that he was fed up with his job and wanted a change. 'I was a Stock Broker Supervisor but I was fed up with doing a nine to five, Monday to Friday job,' remembers Darren. 'I wanted something that would get me out and about and to do something completely different to what I had been doing before. As I had the capital behind me I began to look into franchising.'

Aware of the fact that he had no experience in running his own business Darren felt that a franchise would be able to provide the support he needed but still allow him to be his own boss. 'As I was looking to try something new I wasn't interested in the white-collar franchises,' reveals Darren.

'I wanted to do something where I would be out meeting people instead of being in an office and I was keen to work in the service industry. When I came across the Hydro-Dynamix franchise it appealed to me because a lot of its business is gained from repeat customers so you get the chance to build up a core customer base and the work is so varied you do something different everyday. Also, I found that I really got on well with the people at Hydro-Dynamix head office and I could relate to them.'

As he had not worked in the cleaning service industry prior to launching his business in October 2004, training was important to Darren. He explains: 'As well as on-the-job training, which was very varied and dealt with everything from system training to marketing, I also received training from outside companies. Since my business launched I have been on about two courses a year to refresh and build up my knowledge.'

Currently on target to meet his estimated turnover Darren is happy with the way his business is going.

'I really enjoy the fact that I'm now getting out and away from my desk and meeting customers,' says Darren. 'I also enjoy the fact that I now have the freedom of choice in how I want to run my day without a boss telling me what to do, but I also have the support there when I need it.'

Having been operating for a few years Darren feels ready to start planning the future of his business: 'I'm looking within the next 6-12 months to have another operator working and in about 12-18 months I'm aiming to have a second van on the road.'

Interview by Derin Ibrahim