A Woman’s Touch

There has long been conflict of opinion over how far the workplace has evolved to embrace professional women in a range of trades. I AM WOMAN, a dynamic global network of businesswomen, supports, encourages and motivates women to succeed in the business world. Gareth Samuel reviews the objectives driving this fascinating investment opportunity.

The statistics supporting the success of this dynamic group indicate startling consumer spending trends: Women, unsurprisingly some might say, account for 85 per cent of all UK consumer spending. What’s more, women refer 10 times more business than their male counterparts. These figures, from the Labour Force Survey, Office of National Statistics 2013, show that there is huge potential in branding products, services and business offerings to women exclusively. This is perhaps the reason then, that the third statistic from the ONS, shows women accounted for 80 per cent of the newly self-employed between 2008 and 2011.

The I AM WOMAN investment opportunity gives franchise owners the chance to educate, motivate and inspire entrepeneurial women to succeed in the business world. The franchise is supported by an extensive network of business clubs with a membership structure designed exclusively for women. Investors see their return on investment through organising seminars and motivational talks for female professionals, by delivering one-to-one coaching sessions, by selling advertising space and by running other group sessions for the purposes of connecting businesswomen. It must be said at this point, the earnings potential is impressive – franchise owners can earn over £50,000 part time.

What makes this franchise so appealing in many ways are the people behind it. Cheryl Bass who founded the business four years ago, has an abundance of experience in the professional world and was voted one of the ‘100 Brilliant Women’ in Britain for two years running as well as ‘Speaker and Trainer of the Year’ 2012.

“Women have a natural desire to support, encourage and motivate one another, yet, despite the evidence set out above, can sometimes lack confidence. Members of I AM WOMAN enjoy ready access to quality referral partners who they can do business with and get support from in tough times,” comments Cheryl, who herself runs I AM WOMAN Cardiff. The ethos behind this admirable investment opportunity is to get women into the business world and help develop a network and professional techniques to ensure chances of success are optimised.

In 2014, I AM WOMAN aims to award just 12 franchising opportunities to women who are interested in establishing an I AM WOMAN Business Club in their town or city. Franchise owners who choose to become part of this business will be investing themselves and setting the course of their own future.

Due to the nature of this business opportunity, potential franchise owners will be women who enjoy inspiring, motivating and developing other women in business. Franchise owners will also be investing, not only in their own financial futures but also in the future of women and their businesses. This really is an exceptional opportunity to not only help yourself, but to help change the face of the gender divide in the business world within which we live.

I AM WOMAN has already established business clubs exclusively for women in Cardiff, Cheltenham and Swindon and in the future aims to have at least 50 business clubs for women throughout the UK.

The investment fee for your own exclusive area includes personal and business training, ongoing mentoring, a micro- website, social media platforms, marketing materials, the I AM WOMAN ‘system’ and everything franchise owners will need to run their own Business Club. What’s more the investment fee is just £19,950 for a five year licence that is renewable after that period at no additional cost.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing areas of this business is that it allows franchise owners near complete flexibility, working from home or from an office and business owners can even run the I AM WOMAN concept part time alongside an existing business. An interesting case study comes in the form of the Patron for the business, Margaret Carter, who started her business with just £9.00 from her kitchen table and now runs a multi-million pound international business supplying Harrods, Selfridges and BA First Class to name just a few clients she currently works with.

Becoming an I AM WOMAN franchise owner enables business women to hone their skills, their celebrity status and their expertise in their field. You can benefit both financially and personally through the structured approach to this business by building a family of women around you that will encourage both you and them to build business together beyond your wildest dreams. Discover whether I AM WOMAN is for you with one of their amazing ‘Red Carpet Discovery Days’.