Would you like to make a ‘real’ difference to the lives on women in business in your town or city

Cheryl Bass, Creator and founder of I AM WOMAN, shares with you how to develop yourself and a highly successful business model.

Women are a really powerful force in the economy. 87 per cent of all consumer spend is dominated by women. Women refer 10x’s more business than their male counterparts. So, why are there still less women than men running businesses in the UK? Women start up or end up in business, for some of the strangest of reasons.

Their journey is nearly always unplanned and comes about because other things have shifted in their lives, which could include care needs, geographic working restrictions, they have a passion that wants to take over in their lives, they find themselves unemployable and out of sync with corporate world values. Women are waking up to a world that has childcare and elderly costs that outweigh any income they could hope to generate from working away from home and so they find themselves thrown into the business world that has labels for everything and becoming their own boss.

The world around is rapidly changing and can look scary. Many may feel isolated and can be overwhelmed by the pressure to succeed in a constantly advancing sector. These sectors are becoming increasingly reliant on technology that knows no boundaries and is forever keeping score. Women are forced to play catch-up or pack-up before they even get started, which is never ideal. In the business world, the time has come to recognise that women who run their own businesses do not come in a one-size fits all mould. They are from varied and different backgrounds and, as such, will operate and utilise their talents in unique ways. Women want to be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with each other and have their business running exactly the way they see it. That is why I AM WOMAN as an organisation will play such an important role in the lives of women in business. Woman start on a journey of discovery that works it’s way through them. They start asking themselves questions that challenges their very soul at great depths, resulting in them totally re-evaluating the beliefs they had about themselves whilst managing a mindset and behavioural programmes that seem to have been programmed by others in times past.

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If you can identify with this and have a passion to develop a business that could support:

  • Women who work in a corporate role who want to develop themselves in business
  • Women at a crossroads in their lives wanting to explore their options
  • Women starting-up a business
  • Women wanting to grow a business
  • Women working for a charity or in the public sector wanting to develop themselves.

You would be supporting them through your very own I AM WOMAN Business Club that offers its members:

  • On-line marketing support
  • Monthly business club
  • Meetings institute of leadership & management learning & accreditation
  • Monthly master classes
  • 1-2-1 coaching
  • On-line forums
  • Opportunities to become a published author.

We would support you to set-up your very own I AM WOMAN Business Club that:

  • Can be run part-time or full-time, from home or an office
  • Run alongside another business or a busy lifestyle
  • Provides you with a healthy income
  • Could be sold on at a profit, if after a period of time you want to do something different
  • You can grow at a pace that suits you
  • Will grow your skills as well as the women you will be supporting
  • Is supported by women who genuinely care about your success
  • Can provide you with a turn-key system that is a proven system that’s always growing.

For your investment you will receive everything you need for you to successfully launch and run your very own I AM WOMAN Business Club.

Our training programmes are flexible and user friendly ensuring we support you with our system in a manner that will suit your particular way of learning and working. We are so very passionate about really making the difference in the lives of women in business. We recognise the way women ‘do’ business is different, so the way we help and support them is different too! We would love to work with you if you want to make that difference for you and the women you want to work with in the future!

More importantly to any new prospective franchise owner is to recognise that we have put a substantial investment in the development of this business system, so any new franchise owner can profit from their investment quickly. We have taken the time and patience to ensure that we interface with a whole cross section of business support organisations to ensure we weave what we do into the lives of women where ever they are in their journey in business.

Our business model has already received pre-approval by HSBC Bank and we have a written business plan that is waiting for you to present to them, so if funding is an issue for you, then it shouldn’t be for this particular franchise opportunity. So many organisations have demonstrated their confidence in us, why don’t you start your journey of discovering more, by stepping into one of our monthly I AM WOMAN red carpet Discovery Days that take place in our I AM WOMAN headquarters right in the heart of Cardiff City centre.