Joining an exclusive club

I AM WOMAN Business Club owner Michelle Willmott describes how her investment has hugely developed her skills while enabling her to empower other woman to achieve their own business goals.

Michelle Wilmott has, within the last year bought an I AM WOMAN licence to run her very own I AM WOMAN business club in Monmouthshire.

Michelle, like many women, was at a crossroads in her life. She had worked in the management of health and beauty nationally and internationally, but as a single parent, she found her role in corporate life a real struggle when some weeks she would be expected to work 60 or 70 hours per week. Childcare and the costs associated with it were a huge headache.

Initially Michelle joined I AM WOMAN as a corporate member and immediately saw the huge benefits of women helping other women to develop themselves and their businesses. As a member, she would leave meetings totally inspired with that feeling of being able to conquer the world!

For more than 10 years she had secretly yearned to run her own business, but could not see how she could have ever put together all of the elements that are already in place, when purchasing an existing turn-key business franchise opportunity.

Here, she explains the many benefits of an I AM WOMAN business club franchise, and how the opportunity has greatly improved her work/life balance.

“I love the flexibility of running my own business around my childcare needs and for me to scale up my business when the time is right for me! I also just love being able to meet and support the other amazing women in business. To be able to offer them the support they need to flourish gives me a real buzz. Being in business can be a lonely place, so to align women with the key resources they need and the people they need to meet can help women overcome those feelings of isolation. I just love helping women on their journey.”

“I have learnt so much about myself in this whole process. I now recognise what I am good at and where I need to develop. I recognise that the development of my business is also about the development of me. I AM WOMAN helps me build a business, my skills and help other women to do the same. It’s just awesome!

“The thing I love most about the I AM WOMAN business club franchising opportunity is knowing that the product I am delivering and selling is so very needed in the lives of women in business. It’s an easy sell! All of the elements women need in business to achieve their goals is there at their fingertips in I AM WOMAN and I feel I am a very important part of that process.

“I have been so lucky joining I AM WOMAN so early on in it’s growth to have immediate access to its founders, creators and the team that make I AM WOMAN so very special. I have received one-to-one intensive training and coaching from Cheryl Bass, the founder of I AM WOMAN, who has been one of the ‘100 Brilliant Women of Britain’ for two years running, and ‘Speaker and Trainer of the year 2012’. She has also been recognised for her ground-breaking and award-winning entrepreneurial development techniques, recognised and endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management, Durham University and local government bodies.”