Setting up a business is tough!

Did you know that 70 per cent of businesses fail in their first three years of setting up a business, compared with seven per cent of people who set-up a franchise business?

These facts are alarming and really makes you wonder why anyone would ever think of going it alone in business! When you build a house the most important things is getting the foundation right. In I AM WOMAN, that’s what we build our individual business club franchises upon. We have spent years scoping out the individual areas in the UK and beyond so that we know all of the statistics relating to an individual area within which an I AM WOMAN Business Club is looking to become established.

We have already written the business plan for our franchise owners, which has been pre-approved by HSBC Bank UK-wide. So anywhere in the UK, anyone who is interested in purchasing our I AM WOMAN Business Club franchise licence can walk into their local HSBC Bank and if they tick all their boxes on credit worthiness then our I AM WOMAN Business Club franchising opportunity is already pre-approved by them for the individual to apply for a loan towards a licence and initial start-up costs.

The foundation building is very much about these eight Essential Franchising Points:

Recognising your target customer – who are they, where are they, what are they already buying that’s similar?
Really understanding why they might need what you are selling
Appreciating the ‘sizzle’ in what you do, not just the sausage!
Knowing, liking and trusting the people involved in the franchise operation
Having great case study stories who people can really identify with
The ‘turn-key’ systems that are available to you
Existing business branding. Reputation and relationships
When you step into it, does it excite you and align with your passion and purpose in life!

Women, in particular, reach a certain cross-roads in their lives. They might have worked for someone else and had the wind taken out of their sales and are really looking for someone or something to blow a wind of change through their lives.

Some women bury themselves in becoming an expert in someone else’s business and then leave it too late to do their own thing or just feel life has passed them by when they had their head down running someone else's business.

I AM WOMAN is as much about the person running the I AM WOMAN Business Club as it is about the offering they are selling.

In the essential start-up/foundation building stage we offer our franchise owners through an intensive training programme that teaches and equips them with everything they need to know and do to step into the shoes of a highly successful, inspiring, I AM WOMAN Business Club Director.

We harness the skills they already have and align them with those which can transform how they look at and treat themselves, as well as the other women in business they support.

Our I AM WOMAN Business Club Directors not only get elevated to launch their business, but are supported ongoing via our Business Club Franchise Directors mentoring programme. So they grow and grow and grow! Everyone supports everyone else, so a problem shared is a problem solved, by a team of totally awesome and inspiring women.

Michelle Wilmott joined I AM WOMAN as a Member when she was a Spa Manager within one of the leading hotel chains. Michelle loved I AM WOMAN from the very start and dreamed to run her very own I AM WOMAN Business Club.

In October this year Michelle’s dream came true when she launched Monmouthshire I AM WOMAN. Michelle has many years working within spa’s internationally developing teams alongside retailing financial targets for a whole host of hotels and ships.

Julie Sullivan had run her own franchises in the past which were highly successful and sold on. Julie entered the direct selling world and had the experience of developing people and businesses. Julie now runs Glouc & Wilts I AM WOMAN Business Club, alongside being a sales consultant primarily within the direct selling sector.

Wherever you are now, you will have skills that are transferable. Do you…
Have a heart for helping, inspiring, motivating and encouraging women to succeed in business?
Enjoy networking and connecting people?
Have an interest in helping women make a success of their careers?
Want to have your own tried and tested business that you can run part-time that offers you a full-time income?
Think it’s time you starting elevating you and your future?
Enjoy learning new things and sharing that learning with others?
Want to make a real difference in the lives of others?
Think the time is now to start doing something that excites you and has a recipe of success that you want for you?

Why not discover more by coming along and unwrapping our I AM WOMAN Business Club Franchise for yourself? We run I AM WOMAN Business Club Red Carpet Discovery Days where you can see for yourself how this could be just what you have been looking for.

Come and meet us – we could be your new best friends! Your first step towards your new you could be not that far away!