WANTED! Ten exceptional people who have reached a crossroads in their lives!

I AM WOMAN is on the search to find just 10 individuals in 2015 who are looking to find something different with their lives.

Sometimes we all reach that stage in our lives when we have perhaps worked building someone else’s business. Building a business for someone else teaches us some very important lessons, but it can sometimes also be a thankless task if faced with redundancy, being side-lined for promotion or hitting the glass ceiling. You might be one of these very women, or might know someone who yearns to:

  • Develop themselves in the area of business coaching and training as they learn to support other women in business to flourish.
  • Learn so much about the ‘how’ in business, motivation and confidence building with an emphasis upon helping other women in business.
  • Start being taken seriously by other people, helping them see for themselves their own personal uniqueness and turning that into a brand that people are drawn to and respect.
  • Run a part-time business that can be run from home and around other commitments or a busy lifestyle.
  • Own and run their very own business club for women in their town/city.

I AM WOMAN is franchise network of business clubs expanding across the UK. We are BIG ENOUGH TO DELIVER, but small enough to care! You will benefit in so many ways from joining us at this early stage of our development, which includes you being trained by the originators and creators of the business model.

The product itself is an AWESOME! offering. As a business club owner in your area, you will be promoting a range of I AM WOMAN membership and sponsorship opportunities that you will find very much in demand.

When you invest in an I AM WOMAN franchise, you are buying a five-year licence that is renewable at no extra charge. So your licence to run your very own I AM WOMAN business club has the capacity to just go on and on!

Our monthly management fees are very, very competitive at just £395, regardless of your income. So it is in our franchise owners’ hands to reap the rewards of profiting from delivering to their maximum potential.

The system behind the brand is ‘turn-key’, enabling you to concentrate on building your sales revenue as we concentrate on promoting you to be the best you can be. Your business plan is already written for you, approved by HSBC Bank and ready for submission for funding, just in case you need to raise the necessary investment monies for your start-up.

From the moment you become an I AM WOMAN business club owner, our focus is to develop you and the business model in your area. You will enjoy a 10-day initial intensive training programme, split up into bite–size chunks to fit in with your busy lifestyle. During this 10-day intensive training programme, you will undergo one-to-one coaching and training on our unique system, benefiting from:

  • Getting to grip with how to make your I AM WOMAN business club work and be taught how to run a meeting, deliver coaching and business master classes.
  • Understanding how to simply project and make the income you need to make the business model work for you.
  • Seeing how the I AM WOMAN system was developed, what makes it so very unique and how you can profit from using the system in a way that works for you.
  • Learning more about how you can represent our brand on the radio and in the local press.
  • Helping you plan and launch your franchise in your town/city.
  • Us helping you with the personal styling of you, captured on camera, enabling you to have a PR pack ready for your launch, complete with your personal and business biography prepared by our award-winning PR team.
  • Having shadowing opportunities where you can try out the ‘how’ of different aspects of running an I AM WOMAN business club before you go live.
  • Becoming an ilm-endorsed programme deliverer of our ASPIRE Entrepreneurial Development Programme For Women.

I AM WOMAN membership is the gift women buy themselves and is known as the gift that just keeps on giving.

The business clubs help women:

  • Increase their self-confidence, motivation and friendships.
  • Raise their profile locally and online so that they become ‘the-go-to-person’ in their chosen field.
  • Become less lonely and frightened in business, by knowing they are connected with women in business who have bought into supporting and developing business together.
  • Learn the ‘how’ in business, because there is so much to learn ongoing in business and it is just simpler to take in the learning when it is delivered by women who openly share their stories and experiences in such matter-of-fact ways.
  • To develop partnership approaches to developing business ideas and opportunities.
  • Grow themselves and the businesses you, either own or develop with others.
  • Become published authors, one-a-year, by joining our I AM WOMAN Book Publishing Challenge.
  • Sell more of what they love doing.