Women united

Founder and Managing Director of I AM WOMAN, Cheryl Bass explains to The Franchise Magazine the concept behind I AM WOMAN, its business club franchise and how it is empowering women across the UK.

I AM WOMAN recognises that people buy from people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST. No matter what it is that they are buying, ‘people-buy-people’ When someone is looking to invest in buying a franchise operation for themselves, they are making probably one of the biggest investments they have ever made in themselves and their future.

Our I AM WOMAN business club franchise is all about us as the franchisor developing our new franchisees and our franchisees developing their skills, talent and experience to enable them to enjoy developing the entrepreneurial skills and businesses of women in business.

I AM WOMAN now joins the top two per cent of organisations across the UK who have achieved the prestigious Investors In People GOLD standard. This standard is only given to organisations who can demonstrate excellence in developing and supporting their people. For I AM WOMAN, it just had to be GOLD.

  • Women now dominate the consumer market by 85 per cent
  • Women refer 10 times more business than their male counterparts
  • Women naturally nurture, encourage, motivate and inspire each other in business

So when a woman invests in an I AM WOMAN business club franchise opportunity we walk alongside them every step of the way.

Our 10-day initial training programme is as much about them as it is the business, because we recognise they are the core to the business.

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Our I AM WOMAN Franchising Journey To Success Programme

Part 1 – Getting ready for your life lift-off! This is where your magical makeover starts. Over five days you will walk along side and start walking tall:

  • We teach you everything you need to know about our unique ‘I AM WOMAN – System of Success’
  • You will meet the creators and founders of this unique franchise investment
  • We develop with and for you individualised social media platforms, pop-up stands, business cards, your I AM WOMAN micro-site, business and personal biographies, media promotional materials and more, much much more!
  • Working with our world renowned Fashion and Well-being Team – we will elevate and transform your well-being and style, capturing all of your natural best bits with life changing results
  • We transform your entrepreneurial knowledge, skills, experience and your confidence in the arena of entrepreneurship and have your learning accredited by Institute of Leadership and management.
  • We get alongside you and step into your world to unravel the story within you that’s waiting to be told.
  • We share with you our online challenges
  • You will learn leading edge approaches to drastically improve in areas of being extraordinarily more confident and learning how to deliver transformational mentoring and coaching, how to shine in front of any audience, deliver polished presentation and public speaking skills, how to hand the media and more, much, much more!...


Part 2 – This is where your magical makeover shines in front of everyone. Over two days we will make a supersonic woman of you and at the start you will be feeling as though you are travelling at the speed of light, so totally motivated to get your I AM WOMAN Business Club up and launched!

  • Our fashion and style team work one-on-one with you, preparing you to naturally dazzle for your one-to-one ‘Celebrity Fashion-Shoot’
  • We capture all of your magic on film to process your amazing individually prepared marketing and media materials
  • We teach you leading edge neuro linguistic programming and transactional analysis techniques that are captured within our coaching, mentoring and presentation delivery sets – helping you capture even more magic within your I AM WOMAN magicians hat!
  • You are equipped with all of the social media interfaces and micro sites for your very own I AM WOMAN business club and equipped with all of the skills you need to wave your magic wand over women who will be looking forward to joining you doing business with you.

We walk alongside you!

Part 3 – You, as our Franchise Director, can enjoy launching YOUR I AM WOMAN Business Clubs knowing you look and feel like the celebrity you were born to be.

We visit you in your chosen location and do a 'walk-through' supporting you every step of the way as you plan your I AM WOMAN Business Club launch event. We bring along all of the equipment you need for you to launch and start your very own I AM WOMAN Business Club in your town/city.

We will run your launch with you and shadow you run your initial meetings. Month by month you will enjoy shadowing, coaching and ongoing training support online and offline. Your success after all is our success.

Every step of the way we will be walking along side you. We feel sure this will have whetted your appetite and we look forward to hosting you at one of our many Red Carpet Discovery Days to share with you more, much, much more!