Theme parks and Moons

Have you built the world's best theme park and then put it on the moon?

When thinking about designing and building any website, most business owners place a great deal of emphasis on how it will look and how it needs to function for the user.

They will spend hours thinking about all the logistics involved in terms of what products or services will be for sale, how will they be delivered, what will they be packaged in, which courier service or fulfilment service will they be using, how will they process orders etc. - the list goes on. What they often fail to recognise is that they are about to build the world’s best theme park and put it on the moon! The Internet is vast. Huge. At last count there were around 644 million active websites on the Internet. A simple search for franchise opportunities reveals 5.8 million results. So just because you build the greatest theme park, or in this case a fully interactive, all singing and dancing website, on the planet, it doesn’t guarantee that people are simply going to find you. If you are on the moon, or in some cases just three pages from the top of Google, then your chances of success diminish significantly. So what do you do? Well the key is SEO - Search Engine Optimisation. Making it easy for your target audience to find you is the key, and SEO is the process of making your website more visible to search engines this enables people who are looking for your type of business, your products or services, to find you ‘boom!’ right there at the top of the search results, sitting proudly above all the other websites. Get the SEO right for your business and you will achieve visibility, better branding awareness, a higher ROI, greater credibility and insight into customer behaviour. I just want people to click onto my website don’t I? True. However, website traffic itself is not beneficial if it is the wrong kind. What you want is for the right people, i.e. those you know are your target audience and have a need for product or service, to find you using the search terms or phrases that they would likely use, to find your website and once there, stay there and buy something, or make an enquiry. Simply sending loads of people to your site who instantly go off elsewhere is not going to do you any good. SEO offers more than just increased targeted traffic, which generates more business for you. SEO affects your brand. When people search for something on the Internet, they rarely reference one site. They will search, find a site, refine their search terms, and find another site, and so on.

If your website keeps appearing search after search, then your brand gets more ‘mindshare’ compared with other websites and hence you are more likely to receive visits. SEO gives you credibility. Google has become an authority on almost every subject on the planet (and maybe on the moon too!) so ask it for something and if it is at the top of Google, then most people will consider it to be truly credible. Do you want that to be your business, or would rather Google say you are not worthy? SEO boosts website traffic. As we have already explained, traffic is itself is not necessarily valuable, but lack of traffic means your business is going nowhere. The key is to be targeted about the traffic you get and then ensure your website does the selling. Of course you would rather your website was getting a lot of traffic, than no traffic at all, wouldn’t you? SEO teaches you about your customers. One of the most valuable tools that SEO brings to the table is the ability to understand your customers’ behaviour.

There is now a plethora of tools available which can fully analyse the traffic that comes to and indeed from your website so that you can vastly improve the way your website works and how people travel through your website. You can see where visitors come from, what website browsers they are using on which desktop or mobile platforms they are operating, what pages they are looking at, links they are clicking, search phrases they are using to find you and so on. The amount of feedback is staggering. So in summary, don’t build your theme park and put it on the moon, build yourself an amazing website and then put it right where people can find it! If you want to know more about SEO, be it analysis, search terms and keywords, link building, site maps, URLs, content, social media etc. then simply get in touch. Iceni Digital is always happy to help your business with its SEO and page rankings (whether it is mobile or desktop) so if you would like more free advice on preparing your website for mobile devices, SEO or social media services, get in touch via Iceni Media.