A business built on buying power

The Interface Financial Group has been in the financial services sector, looking after the needs of their small business clients for over 40 years. They now operate in seven countries and their operations continue to expand year after year. The Franchise Magazine investigates why an IFG franchise operating in the UK could be the obvious route to riches.

At one time or another, nearly everyone uses borrowed money credit cards, bank loans, lease agreements and so on. The Interface Financial Group has made it possible to dramatically enhance your own capital through its ingenious franchise format.

Its unique delivery method is an invoice discounting programme crafted into a franchise model, whereby an SME would sell an invoice to an IFG franchise owner, who will then collect the capital from the debtor. Their existing, proven model has been offering exceptional service for clients and returns for franchise owners for over two decades.

The incredible success of the original brand has lead to the creation of a brand new franchise concept – The IFG 50/50 franchise. Interface is now offering franchise owners this brand new opportunity to, not only syndicate transactions with Interface, but also to leverage their commitment to the transaction. Through syndication, Interface effectively shares the risk and reward with their franchise owner.

An IFG 50/50 franchise owner gains access to the Interface underwriting and management expertise. Through the IFG 50/50 approach, Interface creates an above-average return for the franchise owner. The power of using other peoples money, as IFG 50/50 franchise owners will do to purchase invoices from small businesses, is wrapped up here in a smart and cost-effective financial services franchise. An Interface Financial Group invoice discounting franchise comes loaded with possibilities to make real money in a solely business-to-business environment. It truly is the perfect franchise for a smart entrepreneur looking for a professional investment.

A typical week in the life of an IFG franchise owner:

Monday – six hours Telephone calls to referral sources. Conduct due diligence on prospective new clients. Email campaign to referral sources.

Tuesday – four hours Fund an existing client. In-person visits with referral sources including coffee and lunch.

Wednesday – five hours Networking breakfast. Telephone calls to referral sources. Thank you notes to referrals.

Thursday – five hours Email campaign to referral sources. Talk to local publications for PR. Conduct due diligence on prospective clients.

Friday – four hours Fund new client. Follow up referral sources. Admin, royalty reporting and database update.

Saturday & Sunday This is a professional-environment. Interface franchise owners can spend their weekends as they wish.