The Interface Financial Group

Through our 40 years of experience in the financial service marketplace and over two decades in the franchise arena, The Interface Financial Group has discovered two important facts:

ONE – People don’t like doing paperwork. TWO – People prefer to start a business with a modest capital outlay and grow, rather than jump in at the deep end on day one.

INTERFACE, therefore, has taken note and has crafted a brand new franchise called the IFG 50/50 franchise.

The first massive feature is that WE do the paperwork. This frees up our franchise owners to do the all-important people-work.

Secondly, we let our franchise owners start modestly, by lending them up to two thirds of the capital required for each transaction.

How does it work? Let’s say there is an opportunity to purchase £60,000 of invoices from a client - with the IFG 50/50 model, we will fund £30,000 and our franchise owner will provide the other £30,000. This in itself is a great deal.

BUT it gets better. We now say to our franchise owners they may borrow up to two thirds, or £20,000 in this instance, of their commitment, so they only have to fund £10,000.

BUT they own 50 per cent of the transaction and generate revenue from a 50 per cent share. IFG 50/50 franchise owners benefit from all this, despite only having to finance approximately 16 per cent of the total transaction.