Securing protection for the franchise community

ip21 offers a full range of intellectual property services to assist established franchisors and for those considering franchising their business.

ip21 offers the full range of intellectual property services for the franchiser sector.

We have a vast amount of experience in our patents and trademarks team. Our senior attorneys have many years of joint experience in drafting, filing and prosecuting patent and trademark applications.

We offer professional services in the following areas:

Patents, Trademarks and Designs

Our team of Chartered and European Patent Attorneys and Registered Trademark Attorneys undertake the drafting, filing and prosecution of applications in the United Kingdom, Europe and all international domains.


We are particularly skilled in creating bespoke licence agreements. These range from broad initial strategy documents, often on a stage-by-stage basis, through to the more straightforward licensing of products for manufacture.

Portfolio Management

For clients with a growing, active or extensive range of applications and granted rights, we offer a portfolio management service that includes clear timing and cost predictions. This enables clients to budget for their requirements and plan for future decisions well in advance.

ip Audits and Opinions

We can assess and audit existing or potential Intellectual Property. We identify the most appropriate method for protection and the significance of the options e.g. patent, registered design, registered trademark, copyright, trade secrets, supported by explanatory conversation and quoted prices. Whether for owners, inventors, licensees or investors we are skilled and experienced in giving opinions on existing and potential applications and licenses to assist in meeting the commercial aims of the businesses concerned.

Litigation Advice

At ip21, we excel in high-level analysis. In contested court proceedings our expertise is invaluable but we have no interest in prolonging conflict unnecessarily. We focus our litigation support services on reaching an effective settlement as quickly and economically as possible.

For more information on how ip21 can assist you, contact the ip21 Trade Mark Franchise Team on:

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