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Brand protection for franchisors
A well-protected and strong brand is an essential element of successful franchising and the use of registered trademarks is fundamental to the process.

Like all property, trademarks need to be built on strong foundations and must be looked after during their lifetime to ensure they continue to deliver value to your business. ip21 has a team of Trademark Attorneys who can assist you at all stages throughout the life of your brand. Among the services it offers are: advice on basic registrability of brands, clearance searches, to check the availability of protection, and freedom to use the mark, filing for protection in the UK, extending protection outside the UK, as your business grows, watching for third-party encroachments on your protected rights, opposing conflicting and registrations, enforcing your rights against others.

ip21 prides itself on high levels of customer service, giving clear, commercially-relevant advice of the highest quality. An initial consultation is FREE of charge. Call our trademark franchise team today.