Jaguar Couriers

The UK express delivery market exceeds £3.5 billion and is expected to continue growing strongly. The courier, or 'sameday' sector, serves the most lucrative end of this market - offering bespoke delivery solutions to companies whose products need extra special treatment in terms of speed or handling. Ken Young reports on a brand offering a start in this customer service-orientated sector

In sharp contrast to the routine delivery of parcels, which is now dominated by giants such as Parcelforce, UPS and TNT, the courier sector requires a close local relationship with its customers. Only by listening carefully to those customers can the correct 'tailor-made' solution be provided. That is why the courier sector is particularly appropriate for smaller, locally-based operations working as part of the community - in other words, why it is ideally suited to franchising!

Jaguar Couriers has been successfully operating from its base in Telford since 1994. Its Big Cat logo is widely recognised and its services are respected by companies throughout the region for their speed, flexibility and reliability. Managing Director David Cheeseman worked as a freelance courier biker before launching his own company and has hands-on practical knowledge of every detail of the business. Under David's guidance Jaguar Couriers has developed simple but highly effective systems to cover all the sales, operational and administrative aspects of the business.

With his own business exceeding 20,000 deliveries per year, David Cheeseman is now determined to expand the successful Jaguar Courier formula across the whole of the UK. He wishes to pass on his skills and experience to a carefully selected network of Jaguar Couriers franchisees - each having the opportunity to replicate his own success in Telford. Franchise consultancy FDS Midlands has been engaged to help design and launch the network and Jaguar Couriers has now begun to recruit its first wave of franchisees.

Each franchisee will receive an exclusive territory defined by postcode and a turnkey franchise package which will permit them to begin trading as soon as possible. Requiring an initial investment of £17,500 plus VAT, the franchise package includes comprehensive training, computer equipment, office signage, marketing materials, business stationery and the first three months' lease deposit on the specified Jaguar Couriers vehicle. Franchisees will also need to lease a small office from which to operate.

'The courier business is very demanding,' reflects David. 'It's all about getting it right first time and there are no second chances. Goods must be delivered when they are needed and in full accordance with the customer's specification. On the other hand, the work is tremendously satisfying because Jaguar Couriers is often able to achieve the almost impossible for its customers...and they are usually very grateful!'

This is a superb opportunity to run your own courier business under the Jaguar Couriers banner, with continuing personal guidance from David Cheeseman and his Management Team. The franchise may easily be started as a two person operation (for example by a husband and wife). However, the intention is to quickly build a team of five to ten subcontracted courier drivers who will themselves undertake most of the collection and delivery work -leaving the franchisee free to concentrate on growing the business. If you believe that you have the necessary organisational and sales skills to join Jaguar Couriers, you are invited to further explore this unique franchise opportunity.