Bright ideas from Kall Kwik

When choosing a franchise opportunity, one of the most important questions you should ask is 'what else do I get for my investment?' Kall Kwik Managing Director Mike Hutter explains

The latest figures from the UK Franchise Survey indicate that there are more than 700 franchise opportunities in the UK. A fair amount of choice then, and as you're reading The Franchise Magazine you've probably evaluated a number of the choices and discovered that the good franchises offer:

  • A proven business formula;
  • A ready-made market;
  • Reduced risk;
  • Help with gaining financial approval from banks;
  • A great brand;
  • Training and support;
  • All the encouragement, guidance and support you could ever need;
  • Membership of the British Franchise Association (bfa).

However, what is perhaps more important is the simple question: 'What else do I get for my investment?' There are three additional reasons why Kall Kwik offers an attractive proposition, beyond the norm.

Although Kall Kwik is well known for providing print and digital services to business clients, the company now offers a far more comprehensive range of services. This range of services is called design to deliveryTM because franchisees design the work, be it for direct mail, print, poster size print or for website and e-mail campaigns, they then fulfil and deliver the final piece of work. Among the benefits of this holistic range of services are:

  • The opportunity to maximise profits;
  • The ability to shape your own strategies within the D2D framework, franchisees can decide to concentrate on select or all elements in the design to delivery range;
  • The benefit of increasing the opportunity to talk to potential and existing clients.

Providing an exciting range of services is important but what is more important to franchisees is being able to sell and obtain clients. While Kall Kwik UK has always provided franchisees with a comprehensive sales creation programme, this year saw the launch of 'Destination Delivery' which:

  • Provided the network with more than 1,000 appointments since the beginning of the year;
  • Offers a range of materials from awareness cards to mailers through to update;
  • Gives flexibility for franchisees to choose their preferred scale of promotional activity from a unique web-based control system.

Through its award winning Corporate Brands Division at Kall Kwik UK, which was launched this year and is open to every Kall Kwik business, the franchisor has, over the last year, provided:

  • The Kall Kwik network with £2.5 million worth of sales, which is 55 per cent up on last year;
  • 17 new clients in 2005.

If you're looking for more reasons why Kall Kwik might be able to provide you with the franchise opportunity you crave, the company is also:

  • bfa Franchisor of the Year 2005/06;
  • An established Business Superbrand, awarded by the Brand Council;
  • Since 1978 Kall Kwik UK has empowered aspiring business people and provided the tools to establish and sustain a local business so well that the average turnover is £430,000, 40 per cent higher than the franchise average.