Kall Kwik: The importance of internal communication

Internal communication is essential for every business, especially for franchise companies where the brand needs to be enhanced and protected. Kall Kwik UK reveals how its credible message delivered in a way franchisees want throughout the year can bind a network

A recent report by Deloitte and Touche Human Capital asked CEOs: 'Which human resource issues are very important to the success of the organisation?' While 95 per cent identified 'effective internal communication', only 22 per cent thought it was being delivered effectively.

At Kall Kwik UK internal communication is of paramount importance, which is good news for prospective Kall Kwik franchisees. However, according to Head of Marketing John Blyth, internal communication is a challenge which requires a full understanding of the communication process, and methods of communicating suited to varied demographics, such as age and gender.
John explains: 'We've just completed our national conference and, although it was hard work, it brought together franchisees and staff from Kall Kwik UK (the franchisor). Being able to chat face-to-face with franchisees is invaluable. Over the two day conference we were able to communicate business objectives, share experiences and have a laugh with franchisees. The feedback we received from franchisees was massively positive and helps drive the culture of Kall Kwik and create an honest and transparent organisation, which is what we want.'

As well as using the feedback to enhance future communications, John also lists the positives of an effective internal communication plan as:

  • Improving satisfaction among franchisees;
  • Improving morale and motivation;
  • Sharing information, such as best business practice, among franchisees;
  • Improving trust and confidence in the franchisor;
  • Preventing rumour spreading and damage to the company's brand.

Kall Kwik also employs informal forums to enable two-way communications with franchisees, which are facilitated by field-based staff, visits to outlets by all Kall Kwik UK staff and informal communications, such as telephone calls, e-mails and letters. These are supported by advisory groups in all the main business functions. This enables open discussions to take part on various topics and, overall, helps make the Kall Kwik business model better for franchisees.

John continues: 'As an established franchise we need to stimulate our franchisees with fresh ideas and enhancements to their service offering that they can relate to. We need to communicate a credible message to them. As well as investigating new media communication methods, such as Podcasts to reach franchisees, Kall Kwik also provides:

  • An award winning intranet.
  • Regional roadshows twice a year.
  • Ad-hoc workshops.
  • Fortnightly communication sent by post.
  • E-mail communications.

Internal communications is therefore something that the franchisor must get right and which prospective franchisees should explore when looking into various opportunities. Kall Kwik UK always invites prospective franchisees to visit a number of Kall Kwik outlets to talk with the Owners and see for themselves the communication and support provided to franchisees, and ensure they're suited to the opportunity offered.

'It's clear to see that Kall Kwik engages in a comprehensive internal communication process,' says John. 'Franchisees are the main asset to Kall Kwik UK and we must continually communicate clearly with them.'

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